Solar Energy for Minnesota Municipalities

Solar Panel Design and Installation for Minnesota Municipalities
Is your city, town. or municipality considering using solar panels to power your government’s buildings and utility facilities? You’re not alone: utilizing solar panels for municipalities as a clean energy option is appealing to many organizations, especially cities and counties who want to honor the requests of their environmentally conscious residents. In addition, solar energy systems for municipalities save local governments and taxpayers money because of their quick payback timeline and a great return on investment. 
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Solar for Minnesota Municipalities Saves Money

Through rebates, grants, and other Federal solar incentives, your city can minimize its initial financial investment in solar. This means that your solar energy systems will have a high ROI, and the city will break even quickly (after 7 to 10 years in many cases).

Even on cloudy days, solar panels can generate power for your city that you can use to reduce your reliance on expensive grid power. But the real magic happens on bright, sunny days.

At their peak performance, your solar panels will produce a surplus of energy which can then be purchased by the energy company allowing the city to recoup even more energy costs using a process called net metering.

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Financing + Rebates

Take full advantage of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Among other climate-positive initiatives, the IRA’s new Investment Tax Credit is game-changing for MN businesses considering a solar power installation or a string of solar projects over the coming years. 

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EPC Services

We design, install, and operate commercial solar PV arrays throughout the Midwest and have over 14 years of demonstrated experience with large, complex solar arrays. Learn more about our EPC Services online or by calling 763-334-6406.

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Power Purchase Agreements

Minnesota businesses can convert to solar powered energy systems without tying up funds in a capital investment, or having any operating and maintenance costs, while cutting what they pay for electricity as they reduce their carbon footprint. This is done with a Power Purchase Agreement.

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Operation + Maintenance

A critical component to maximizing your sunshine power is making sure you have a solid operation and maintenance agreement in place. At Cedar Creek Energy, we provide a suite of services that support green energy and sustainable building practices.

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Contact Cedar Creek Energy to Install Solar Panels for Your Municipality

Recently, Cedar Creek Energy completed a local government solar project for the City of Brooklyn Park. This was no small installation: it was the largest solar project for a Minnesota city to date! The city will experience unbelievable savings through the use of solar energy…around $60,000 in the first year. 

Clearly, Cedar Creek is a team of municipality solar power installers who have experience with large projects. But we’ve completed solar projects of all shapes and sizes for local governments here in Minnesota as well. We’re prepared to design an effective solar array for your city or municipality while recognizing your unique energy needs and goals. We can also update the lighting in all your city’s buildings by switching to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. As you can see in this case study for A Chance to Grow (a local business in the Twin Cities), combining solar and LED lighting means even more savings for your organization.

So, is your city or municipality interested in learning how solar energy can become an asset to your government and residents? Contact Cedar Creek Energy for a free solar energy audit of your municipality’s facilities!

Renewable Energy Systems for Municipalities: Reducing Harmful Emissions

While the monetary savings are undoubtedly a huge incentive, the environmental benefits of solar can’t be ignored. The positive environmental impact of using solar energy to power any building, whether a home or business, include less air pollution and the need to use less non-renewable resources. Your city’s residents will be pleased to hear that their tax dollars are paying for a sustainable energy source, and the positive impacts of solar energy will benefit future residents for generations.

Power Purchase Agreements for Minnesota Cities

State, county and municipal government units throughout Minnesota can convert to solar powered energy systems without tying up funds in a capital investment, or having any operating and maintenance costs, while cutting what they pay for electricity as they reduce their carbon footprint. It is done by using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With a PPA, Cedar Creek Energy does the design, permitting, financing,  installation, and ongoing maintenance for the solar energy system on your property under a contract that runs for 15-to-20 years. Learn more about Power Purchase Agreements →