Not to be outdone by the many Minnesota residents and businesses that are embracing solar, the City of Brooklyn Park has highlighted its commitment to renewable energy by undertaking the largest solar project completed in Minnesota to date. Apex was the developer of the project and partnered with Cedar Creek Energy to engineer, procure, and construct.

The city of Brooklyn Park installed hundreds of solar panels on several public buildings. One such building, the city’s fire station, had a total of 124 panels placed on its roof! It’s projected that these panels will power 80% of the building, which amounts to a savings of over $1,000 per year in the fire station alone! In total, the city can expect to save over $60,000 after one year of operating its solar panels.

The Appeal of Solar Energy to Local Governments

Even on cloudy days, solar panels can generate power for the City of Brooklyn Park. On sunny days, at their peak, they will produce a surplus of energy which will be purchased back by the energy company allowing the city to recoup even more energy costs using a process called net metering. Through grants and other Federal solar incentives, Brooklyn Park minimized its initial financial investment. This means that the solar energy systems will have a high ROI – and the city will break even quickly, over approximately 7 years.

While the monetary savings are undoubtedly a huge incentive, the environmental benefits of solar can’t be ignored. The positive environmental impact of using solar energy to power any building, whether a home or business, include less air pollution and the need to use less non-renewable resources. As Dan Ruiz, Director of Operations and Maintenance for the city, explains, “The great thing is…you don’t see any smokestacks, you don’t see trucks hauling in coal, you don’t see any nuclear-powered facilities. It’s using the sun.” Utilizing solar energy as a clean energy option is appealing to many organizations, especially cities and counties who want to honor the requests of their environmentally conscious residents.

The following video discusses the project in more detail:

Collaborating with Apex and Cedar Creek Energy

The City of Brooklyn Park chose to work with Apex and Cedar Creek Energy on this project. Cedar Creek Energy’s team consists of individuals with the necessary electrical, project management, and construction backgrounds who all brought unique yet valuable EPC experience to the City. We have a common goal in mind: to make solar energy accessible in Minnesota.

If you’d like to join the solar revolution, you don’t need to be a large city to save considerable money on your energy bills! Cedar Creek Energy is ready to create the perfect energy system for your home or business. Our comprehensive process begins with an energy audit, which consists of thoroughly analyzing your current energy usage. We’ll use the results of the audit to create your customized solar energy system, which will be optimized for your needs. Prior to the installation of your solar panels, we will account for the pitch of your roof, the direction your home is facing, and other important factors that could otherwise prevent your system from performing at its peak. Considering all these factors will allow us to set you up with the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your energy needs.

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