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Powered by Sunshine — And a Good Operating and Maintenance Agreement

Don’t spend time or energy worrying about the operation and maintenance of your solar array. Cedar Creek Energy’s team of Minnesota solar experts will operate, maintain, and monitor your new solar energy system through a comprehensive Operation + Maintenance Agreement.

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You have Solar power, now maintain it

A critical component to maximizing your sunshine power is making sure you have a solid operation and maintenance agreement. This is especially the case for commercial solar energy systems, where you as a business owner, project manager, developer, or investor have made a significant investment in renewable energy. You may not have the expertise or staff to maintain your costly investment. Solar was the right thing to do, now make sure you secure the right service provider. At Cedar Creek Energy, we provide a suite of services that support green energy and sustainable building practices.  In addition to Operating and Maintenance, we design and install turnkey commercial solar-powered systems throughout Minnesota and the Midwest, provide design, engineering, procuring, and construction, and help secure financing, zoning, and utility grid interconnect agreements.

What is an Operating + Maintenance Agreement?

A good solar energy Operation and Maintenance (O+M) agreement:

  • Optimizes your solar panel system’s ability to generate power
  • Protects your assets, reduces risks
  • Ensures governmental and utility grid requirement compliance and
  • Clearly, transparently spells out exactly what you get in the agreement

O&M agreements typically address preventive maintenance, including routine inspection, wear and tear, checkups, and servicing of equipment; condition-based maintenance, with real-time monitoring and preventing downtime; and corrective maintenance that includes reactive repair if there is a breakdown of equipment.

“Having peace of mind that our solar array is functioning at peak performance is really incredible. CCE once called to tell me that one of our panels was underperforming and that their team was heading over with a replacement panel the next day. Incredible customer service!”  – Terrie Wheeler, Business Owner

Our Operating and Maintenance Services 


Active Monitoring & Alert Notification

Protecting your solar investment begins with proactive monitoring. Cedar Creek Energy responds swiftly to system alerts, offering not only a quick resolution but also guiding you through the best course of action to troubleshoot the issue. Our active monitoring service ensures that potential problems are identified and addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and maximizing energy production. Please note that maintaining an active web-based monitoring subscription is the customer’s responsibility, and authorization for access to online monitoring data is required. 


Semi-Annual Performance and Service Report

Transparent and reliable reporting is crucial for monitoring your system’s performance. Cedar Creek Energy provides semi-annual system performance reports, offering a comprehensive overview of energy production values and a compilation of all system alerts and service work conducted during the previous period. This service also includes on-site equipment services to maintain your equipment warranties. 


Warranty Service Coordination

Managing warranties for your system components can be complex. We simplify this process by assisting you in the resolution of all warranty claims according to the manufacturer’s standard warranty. We take the hassle out of warranty management, ensuring that your solar system remains protected and covered for the duration of its operational life. 


Annual Visual & Mechanical Inspection with Report

For large-scale solar systems, annual inspections are not only essential but are often required by investors. Cedar Creek Energy conducts an annual inspection, employing a meticulous 110-point visual and mechanical checklist. This comprehensive examination allows us to identify any potential issues and propose solutions for your consideration. We address minor system issues on-site whenever possible, ensuring the continued reliability of your solar installation. 


Weather-Related Repairs

We go beyond immediate fixes, ensuring the long-term resilience of your system. From hail damage to storm-related issues, our expert team swiftly addresses and repairs any damage, employing durable solutions that stand up to the unpredictable forces of weather. We prioritize the durability of your solar installation, guaranteeing its steadfast performance in the face of adverse weather conditions. 


Performance Upgrades

Our team will assess your existing solar system, offering insightful recommendations for upgrades that can significantly enhance efficiency. Whether it’s optimizing panel placement, updating inverters, or incorporating advanced technologies, our expert team provides tailored solutions to maximize your system’s output. With a focus on cutting-edge advancements, our goal is to elevate your solar system’s efficiency, ensuring it remains at the forefront of sustainable energy technology. 


Energy Storage System Maintenance

For solar systems equipped with battery storage, Cedar Creek Energy goes above and beyond to ensure that your energy storage system operates at peak efficiency. Our comprehensive Energy Storage System Maintenance services are tailored to maximize the longevity, performance, and reliability of your battery storage, addressing any potential issues that may arise. 


Annual Performance Curve Analysis (IV-Curve) And Thermal Imaging with Comprehensive Report

To provide the most in-depth reporting, Cedar Creek Energy offers cutting-edge assessment services. We perform IV-curve tracing on each string of modules, allowing us to detect and diagnose issues with your array’s performance. This includes localized soiling, shading, cell damage, or failed bypass diodes. Our thermal imaging and comprehensive reports give you a thorough understanding of your solar system’s health. 


Comprehensive Maintenance

  • Panel Maintenance: Inspection and maintenance of panel mounts and frames. 
  • Inverter Maintenance: Inspection and servicing of inverters, including repair or replacement of faulty units. 
  • Electrical and Wiring Maintenance: Inspection of wiring, connectors, and junction boxes, with repair or replacement of damaged components. 
  • Preventive Maintenance: Tightening bolts, lubricating moving parts, and preventing potential issues. 

Other Cedar Creek Energy Services: Time & Material Projects 

Beyond Cedar Creek Energy’s O&M packages, our team is happy to provide quotes for additional services based on the needs of your system. 

  • Corrective Maintenance: Prompt and effective solutions define our Corrective Maintenance service. Whether it’s addressing unexpected issues or fine-tuning components for optimal performance, our team ensures your system remains in top condition. We act swiftly to correct any deviations from peak efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing energy production. 
  • Warranty Service: Navigating warranty claims can be complex, but Cedar Creek Energy simplifies the process. Our experts assist you in resolving all warranty claims in accordance with manufacturer standards, ensuring that your system components remain covered throughout their operational life. 
  • General Requests for Information (RFIs): Communication is key, and we’re committed to clear and responsive interactions. Whether you seek clarification, additional information, or have general inquiries, our team is ready to provide the information you need promptly and comprehensively. 

Reach Out for Trustworthy Operations and Maintenance 

At Cedar Creek Energy, our commitment goes beyond installing solar panels – we are dedicated to ensuring that your solar investment continues to deliver clean, sustainable, and efficient energy for years to come. Contact us today to discuss how our Solar Operations and Maintenance services can benefit your solar system in Minnesota. 

Comprehensive Solar Array Monitoring

From our home-base in Minnesota, our team remotely monitors systems and can deploy a team for O&M of virtually any size, shape, location, and type of solar energy system. Typically, owners and projects managers who don’t have the staff or expertise contract with us for coverage of their solar-power arrays.

We will work seamlessly to monitor and maintain your system. We have the expertise, technology, and experience to proactively anticipate and address potential problems and ensure that your investment is shining for decades to come.

Operating + Maintenance Agreements Provide Peace of Mind for Minnesota Businesses

Like an insurance policy, you have choices of how much coverage you want and need for your solar array. You can have a free consult with us and pick our brains to help you clarify your needs and goals.

As your Operating and Maintenance provider, it is our business to own how your system should be performing mechanically as well as financially. We will communicate fluently regarding metrics, including your simple payback, the ratio of total installed cost to first year savings, ROI, net present value, and life cycle costs. We want your system performing as if it were our own.  

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