We all dread the day our most prized possessions will break down and need to be repaired. For most people, big-ticket items like homes, cars, and electronics top their lists. If you are a solar energy user, your solar panels might also be included on your list of valuable investments. It’s easy to see why; after all, residential and Minnesota commercial solar energy users enjoy lower energy bills and more energy independence than customers who get their power solely from the grid.

As great as the return on investment is on solar panels, they are, unfortunately, not indestructible. From time to time, issues may arise with your panels and they’ll need to be repaired. When something comes up with your solar energy system, it’s important that you call the right solar company to repair them. When you choose an experienced solar energy company in Minnesota to fix and maintain your panels, you’ll avoid the future headaches that often come with hiring a subpar repair company.

What Causes Damage to Solar Panels?

Solar panels are made to be very durable, so they can usually tolerate everyday wear and tear easily. Over time, though, improper maintenance or soiling of solar panels can cause them to break down. Soiling is defined as the buildup of leaves, branches, dust, and other environmental debris on the panels. If you don’t regularly check your panels and remove the objects soiling them, they’re prone to buildup over time. When this debris accumulates, it causes a decrease in the system’s energy output and can eventually cause the panels to break.

How Can You Cut Down on the Repairs Your Panels Need?

Solar Panel cleaning can significantly extend the life of your panels. If you have residential solar systems Minnesota that you can easily reach, a spray with your garden hose can be adequate in keeping the dust at bay. If you have a large volume of solar panels or if you are unable to reach your roof, a solar energy company can help you out.

When cleaning solar panels, technicians who are experienced in solar use treated water to cut down on sediment deposits (hard water is notoriously bad for solar panels). They will also use a safe cleaning solution and equipment to make sure no damage is done to your panels and your warranty is protected. If you’re considering having your panels professionally cleaned, make sure to ask if the company falls these guidelines or you might end up worse off than you started.

You can also cut down on the number of repairs your panels will need by arranging an operating and maintenance agreement with a trusted solar energy company. That way, the professionals will be responsible for recognizing risks factors and minimizing any damage to your solar panels. These agreements are similar to an insurance policy, with different levels of coverage depending on your needs.

What Do Solar Energy Companies Do to Fix Solar Panels?

The most common problem that arises with solar energy systems isn’t actually an issue with the panels; it’s a wiring issue. The connections between wires, known as wire nuts, can be installed improperly by an inexperienced contractor. Some wire nuts are not meant to be used outside, and when moisture hits them, they can corrode and damage the system as a whole. They can also melt if they face extreme heat. If your system has issues with improperly used wire nuts, a professional solar panel company Minnesota can replace them to get your system working at its highest potential again.

Loose solder connections on the solar panel cells is another common issue; they can cause intermittent issues with your system, sometimes as the outside temperature changes and the equipment contracts or swells slightly. A professional can safely access the backs of the cells to un-solder and then re-solder the equipment and resolve your energy production issues.

The pros can also determine when it’s better to replace a component than to repair it. When a solar energy system is damaged by hail, for example, it may be a more cost-effective option to simply replace the cracked or broken panels.
If your solar array has been producing energy sluggishly or you’re skeptical about the company you hired to install your panels, the Cedar Creek Energy team can inspect your system and scrutinize its performance to check for issues and get them repaired. Contact us to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solar energy system.

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