Minnesota Solar Installation Process


From the time of our initial contact with you through project completion, we will communicate with transparency, respect, and care, because that’s just the way our company rolls. Not just one of us. But all of our team. It’s a core value and people find this incredibly reassuring. Whether we’re working with a Residential Solar Installation or Commercial Solar Installation, here’s a sense of how we work with you:


Get Your Free Solar Bid

Free Consultation

We conduct a site survey, evaluating existing technology, and identifying system problems and areas for improvement. At this time, we sit down with you and gain a clear understanding of what you are hoping to gain from solar, the type of system you had in mind,  financial needs that must be met when seeking financing, and anything else that is relevant to an ideal project for you.  At this time, we will also help you understand the various factors to be taken into consideration with the brand and type of solar modules you ultimately choose, including the size, output,  and type and aesthetics.

Free Solar Audit

We document existing equipment, review your bills, identify energy saving opportunities of which you may have been unaware.  In addition, we will provide a detailed schematic of what your solar system would look like using a computer-aided design program to electronically “position” the solar array on your roof or as a ground mount.  

Solar Design

We Identify appropriate technologies, new equipment, energy storage, and battery backup options for you.  In addition, we calculate your projected energy savings at 90% accuracy, research applicable tax advantages, and pursue rebate and grant opportunities, at local, state, federal levels. We have also assisted clients who qualify for grant funding to complete their grant application and maximize your chances to win.

Solar Build

We specify equipment, install the new technology, design and program system controls and monitors, pull permits and manage the project from the solar audit through having your system go live.  


As a value added, we test and optimize the system’s functionality, and monitor monthly usage.  In fact, we set you up with a production and consumption monitor so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the output of your solar system.

Operate + Maintain

We provide service support agreements to protect your investment and make sure you are maximizing your rate of return. We constantly monitor your system, many times finding and fixing small problems you didn’t realize were there.

What is Cedar Creek Energy’s Installation Process?

After you make the commitment to going with Cedar Creek Energy, there’s a few different things that are going to happen. One of our project managers is going to reach out to you. They are going to get some information from you, and gather utility bills, things of that nature. Just have a general conversation with you about your project. Find out if there’s any specific details that you want, or needs that you may have. Whether that be staging equipment on your site, doing things of that nature.

The next step in our process is our project management and our design teams will go, we will do all of our in house engineering, we’ll pull all of our permitting, we’ll submit any required applications with the utility company. And we work on behalf of you with the utility companies to make sure that all the boxes are being checked, the T’s are being crossed, the I’s are being dotted.

Once we’re done with that portion of our work, the project manager will reach back out to you, the customer, they’ll schedule a time to make sure that you’re on board with what’s going on. How we’re going to do our work, where we’re going to do our work, the color of things that we’re going to use for example. Where conduits get run. Do you want your conduit painted? Things like that. We really work with you as a customer to make sure that you’re getting what you want. You’re making an investment and we’re happy to be apart of that investment. We want to make sure that expectations up front are being met, and that we as installers, are respectful of your business and what you’ve got going on to not affect your day to day operation.

Next step in that is our construction crews come out to site, we follow through with our plan. We install the projects and we provide updates throughout the process to you as the owner. Letting you know what’s going on, where it’s at. We do final inspections, and then typically on a solar project, after a final inspection is done, there’s going to be a slight delay. That delay comes from the fact that once that final is completed, we have to send a bunch of paper work into the utility companies, and they need to process that, generate their interconnection contracts, and just make sure that everything is in place.

Meters will then get ordered by the utility company. We will come out and we’ll install them. We’ll commission your system, make sure that everything is operating as advertised, provide customer training, close out documents, engineering documents, and then we at Cedar Creek Energy will continue to monitor your system through our own end department.

Cedar Creek Energy