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Check out the Cedar Creek Energy blog for news and updates related to residential and commercial solar installation, and more!

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Video Library

Curious about going solar? Our extensive video library has answers to the most common questions and concerns raised by our clients.

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Solar FAQs

If you’re a business or homeowner considering going solar, but don’t know where to start, check out our Minnesota Solar FAQ page.

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Voted Minnesota’s Best in The Star Tribune Readers Choice!

If you need more incentive to work with Cedar Creek Energy on your solar installation we truly are one of Minnesota’s Best renewable energy installers. Thanks to our loyal customers and dedication to providing the best solar experience, we are proud to be voted a top solar energy company by Minnesotans across the state in Star Tribune Readers Choice.

We appreciate the support of our customers and strive to continue our contribution to the future of renewable energy. We look forward to holding true our title of Minnesota’s Best while providing you with the best solar services.

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