Allied E.R. Veterinary

Project Case Study
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Brooklyn Park, MN

Project Inspiration

Allied Emergency Veterinary is a locally owned emergency and critical care veterinary service with locations in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, and Eau Claire. Known for providing extraordinary, compassionate care to pets in urgent situations, Allied Veterinary sought to enhance its sustainability efforts and reduce operational costs through solar energy. The decision to go solar was motivated by their commitment to environmental stewardship and the financial benefits of renewable energy. Allied Emergency Veterinary chose Cedar Creek Energy based on our reputation for excellent customer service and expertise in custom solar solutions. 

Our Approach

Cedar Creek Energy designed a comprehensive solar solution to meet the unique needs of Allied Emergency Veterinary. We installed a 205 kW DC solar array on the roof of their Brooklyn Park location. We also worked with their utility provider, Xcel Energy, to ensure Allied Vet obtained the PV demand credit – rewarding them for reducing their grid demand during peak business hours.  

The Final Result

The solar array installation at Allied Emergency Veterinary’s Brooklyn Park location has yielded impressive results. The system will generate approximately 235,000 kWh of clean energy annually, covering a significant portion of the facility’s energy needs. This transition to solar power has led to substantial cost savings and a reduction of CO2 emissions by 363,085 lbs. per year—equivalent to replacing the consumption of over 18,000 gallons of gasoline! 

The team at Allied Veterinary is thrilled with the outcome, noting not only the financial benefits but also the positive impact on their community and the environment. 

By partnering with Cedar Creek Energy, Allied Emergency Veterinary has successfully integrated renewable energy into its operations, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and exceptional care for pets and their owners. 

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