Solar Panels for Manufacturing + Distribution Companies

Solar Panel Installation for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies in Minnesota

There’s no denying it: solar energy is the sustainable energy of the future. It’s more affordable than ever before and offers commercial clients a great ROI. Solar panel costs have dropped 77 percent since 2010, while the payback timeline has been shortened. After utility bonuses, grants, state and federal tax advantages, and other rebates, the typical solar PV project for manufacturers has a payback of 7-10 years.  Due to their high payback potential, commercial solar panel installations are largely responsible for solar energy’s status as the cheapest energy resource in the world. Additionally, the long-term prospects for solar in the manufacturing sector are excellent!

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Power Your Manufacturing + Distribution  Business with MN Solar

You may wonder why it makes sense to install solar energy systems for manufacturing companies. Well, manufacturing facilities use immense amounts of energy, sometimes round-the-clock. Many facilities have ample flat roof space which allows a solar array to be conveniently installed, and virtually every manufacturing building will have enough space to house a solar energy system capable of meeting their energy needs. These factors add up to a whole lot of savings for your company.

With the thousands in savings, you’ll see every year because of your new solar array, you’ll have more profit to reinvest into your business. You can also pass the savings on to your customers and offer your products and services at an exceedingly attractive price point. When you’re in the business of manufacturing, you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck. A solar energy installation from Cedar Creek Energy, Solar Energy Systems in Minnesota will help you do just that. Some of our past commercial clients have seen over $6,000 in savings in the first month of solar energy production!


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Financing + Rebates

Take full advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Among other climate-positive initiatives, the IRA’s new Investment Tax Credit is game-changing for MN businesses considering a solar power installation or a string of solar projects over the coming years. 

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EPC Services

We design, install, and operate commercial solar PV arrays throughout the Midwest and have over 14 years of demonstrated experience with large, complex solar arrays. Learn more about our EPC Services online or by calling 763-334-6406.

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Power Purchase Agreements

Minnesota businesses can convert to solar powered energy systems without tying up funds in a capital investment, or having any operating and maintenance costs, while cutting what they pay for electricity as they reduce their carbon footprint. This is done with a Power Purchase Agreement.

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Operation + Maintenance

A critical component to maximizing your sunshine power is making sure you have a solid operation and maintenance agreement in place. At Cedar Creek Energy, we provide a suite of services that support green energy and sustainable building practices.

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Solar Energy for Distributors in Minnesota

Solar panels for distribution companies are an exceptional investment. The financial implications of using a solar energy system to power your facilities are immense and long-lasting, and a higher profit margin means you’ll be able to grow your business more quickly and efficiently. Here’s what makes solar for distributors a must:

  • The upfront cost of a solar installation is minimal for many commercial clients thanks to the numerous commercial solar grants, rebates, and low-interest financing options. In fact, some commercial solar energy users don’t pay anything upfront for their system.
  • Many of the solar panels for distributors on the market today come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. With an average payoff time of 7-10 years, you’ll see years of return on your investment in solar.
  • You can further increase your savings by using solar modules to power your fleet of hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • Many distribution centers have large and/or flat roofs that are ideal for a rooftop solar array. Because of this, solar cells and panels for distributors often reach their maximum intended efficiency on bright sunny days. That means more money in your pocket.

Cedar Creek Energy Will Install the Perfect Solar Array for Your Manufacturing or Distribution Company

Our team of local solar experts helps hundreds of commercial clients reach their renewable energy goals through the installation of solar panels, LED lighting solutionsenergy storage options, and more. We work with several different solar module suppliers when procuring solar components, so you can be sure we’re customizing every aspect of the solar installation process – including finding the most suitable technology for your company’s energy needs. Don’t just take our word for it; this case study of one commercial solar client will show you the innovative approach our team takes to tackle each project.

To begin your company’s solar energy journey, contact Cedar Creek Energy today for a free solar energy audit!

FAQs About Commercial Solar Panels for Manufacturing and Distribution in MN

What is the importance of solar energy for manufacturing and distribution businesses in Minnesota?

Solar energy is crucial for manufacturing and distribution businesses in Minnesota as it reduces operating costs, enhances sustainability efforts, and aligns with corporate social responsibility. Implementing solar power solutions supports businesses in meeting energy demands while contributing to a greener and more resilient future.

What types of manufacturing and distribution facilities can benefit from solar energy panels?

Various manufacturing and distribution facilities can benefit from solar energy panels. This includes warehouses, factories, processing plants, and distribution centers. Any facility with available roof space, open land, or parking areas can leverage solar installations to offset energy consumption and reduce operational expenses.

How can solar energy panels help in reducing electricity costs for manufacturing and distribution businesses?

Solar energy panels significantly reduce electricity costs for manufacturing and distribution businesses. By harnessing solar power, these businesses generate clean electricity onsite, leading to reduced reliance on conventional energy sources and decreasing energy bills, which enhances financial stability and competitiveness.

Does Cedar Creek Energy specialize in designing solar energy systems for manufacturing and distribution businesses?

Cedar Creek Energy specializes in designing custom solar energy systems tailored to the unique needs of manufacturing and distribution businesses. Our team’s extensive experience ensures that solar solutions are optimized for maximum efficiency, energy generation, and long-term cost savings.

What is the process of manufacturing solar panels, and what materials are typically used?

The manufacturing of solar panels involves assembling photovoltaic cells, which are typically made of silicon, along with other components such as glass, frames, and electrical wiring. These materials are carefully selected for durability, efficiency, and performance in various environmental conditions.

How can solar panel installations be optimized for maximum energy generation and output in a manufacturing or distribution environment?

To maximize energy generation and output, solar panel installations in manufacturing and distribution environments should consider factors like panel orientation, shading, and proper maintenance. Collaborating with experienced solar providers like Cedar Creek Energy ensures optimized designs that consider the unique aspects of these industrial settings for superior energy production and long-term benefits.

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