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Project Case Study
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Project Inspiration

Property Hotdish is a commercial real estate company looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact. After finding out their building was in a very solar friendly location, they decided to look into installing a solar panel system. CCE was recommended to Hotdish by their broker, and after doing some research and hearing reviews, they decided to move forward with the Cedar Creek Energy team.


Hotdish team shares that “there was always prompt communication about where the project was at and how things were coming along.” The CCE team made the installation process easy, and communication made all the difference. Everything went smoothly and there were no disruptions to the tenants during the construction process. 

The Final Result

Hotdish is very happy with the results of their solar installation which is already offsetting the electrical usage costs in their building. 

“With the building producing electricity, we have another revenue stream coming in to diversify this asset and feel great doing it!” says Peter Poire-Odegard, owner and operator of Hotdish.

The building currently hosts an autoclave for a piercing studio, and will soon open a coffee roastery.

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