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Minnesota Solar Contractor Offers Nationwide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Based in Blaine, Minnesota, Cedar Creek Energy is an electrical and general contractor with a specific focus on solar development, EPC services, maximizing system operation, and system maintenance. We design, install, and operate commercial solar PV arrays throughout the Midwest and have over 16 years of demonstrated experience with large, complex solar arrays. This combination of development, EPC services, and O&M under one roof makes us unique in the industry. We understand the drivers and constraints related to all aspects of the solar PV life cycle. We strive to provide the highest quality product for our clients, whether it’s a single opportunity or a larger portfolio of projects. Since 2007, we have successfully completed thousands of solar projects and EPC service contracts of all types and sizes.

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Finding an EPC Contractor You Can Trust — Communication Counts

You need to make sure that you work with a solar company you can trust. Ask around. Who is recommended in the industry? Here are some things to take into account and where CCE stands in comparison.

  • What sort of EPC services have they done? Cedar Creek Energy develops and installs solar projects up to 10MW AC.
  • Are they regarded highly in the industry? At Cedar Creek Energy, we have over 16 years of experience and an internal team of 40 including designers, engineers, project managers, and installers.
  • How do they manage Quality Control? Cedar Creek Energy has internal quality control and quality assurance team on each and every project.
  • Do they offer to finance? At Cedar Creek Energy, we offer creative financing ranging from capital leases, power purchase agreements, operating leases, PACE financing, and more.

Qualification Standards

Cedar Creek Energy has a proven track record of starting and completing large, complex solar projects. Our team has the experience and expertise to staff, manage, and construct large projects acting as the General Contractor and Electrical Contractor. We have the experience and wherewithal to navigate even the most complex permitting requirements and pride ourselves on our ability to professionally work with permitting authorities. 

Because of our focus on delivering the highest quality work, we employ site-specific quality control and quality assurance standards. For each project, our project manager and field supervisors review all technical specifications as dictated by the systems owner, engineer of record, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to create an action list to ensure that when our team is constructing the project, we are adhering to all project standards, regulations, and controls. Because of our focus on due diligence on the front end, any deviation from the standard Scope of Work becomes readily available for our project management team and ownership to track.

In addition, we thoroughly review all installation logs and create a custom torque logbook to ensure proper torques are being applied to equipment in the field. These logs are reviewed daily and signed off on by the site foreman. Random samples are taken during installation to ensure torques meet specifications. We draft and submit an electrical commissioning checklist at the beginning of each project. In addition, we perform all testing per the checklist during and at the commissioning of the system to verify resistances in insulation standards.

1. Design

When designing your project, we identify appropriate technologies and recommended equipment and review any owner provided design specifications to ensure our project meets and exceeds owner specifications.

2. Build

When building your project, we provide 50/90/IFC drawing sets for owner review; secure all necessary permits; construct the project; and adhere to all design and AHJ requirements. We coordinate the the local utility connection and provide system commissioning and testing.

3. Monitor

When monitoring your project, we verify all environmental sensors; monitor revenue-grade as part of the Data Acquisition Systems to ensure they are fully operational, and to ensure the customer has access and full visibility to data acquisition systems.

4. Maintain

To operate and maintain your system, we provide service support agreements to protect your investment and to ensure you are maximizing your rate of return. We can provide everything from full-system monitoring and O&M Services, down to on-call standby with negotiated service rates and Not To Exceed prices.

Our Services At a Glance


  • Land Acquisition
  • Utility Interconnection Approval
  • ALTA Survey
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Wetland, Cultural, and Environmental Site Assessments
  • Glare Studies and FAA Hazard Determinations
  • Conditional Use Permitting
  • Tax Equity and PPA Financing


  • Electrical and Civil Engineering (50% Design, 90% Design, IFC Design, and As-Built)
  • SWPPP and Watershed Permitting
  • Building and Electrical Permits
  • Equipment Submittals for Investor/Owner Review
  • Material Procurement and Staging
  • Civil and Electrical Construction Services to Complete Installation
  • QA/QC Controls and Reporting During Construction
  • System Commissioning, Testing, and System Capacity Testing


    • System Monitoring
    • Ongoing Seeding and Vegetation Management
    • Onsite Testing as Required by Investor/Owner
    • On-call Electricians for Service Work as Needed

      We Measure Our Success by Satisfied Clients

      Over the last 14+ years in business, our team has learned that flexibility, clear and respectful communication, thoroughness, and responsiveness are key to a successful project and to a fully satisfied client. From the plans to permits, to construction and procurement, to approvals and inspections, to handoffs, to operations and maintenance, you can count on us. We vow to communicate effectively, react quickly when things need to change, and be scrupulous and thorough in our approach at every phase of a development project.  See what our clients have to say!

      Watch Video →

      Watch Video →

      Our Projects

      We have successfully completed thousands of projects of all types and sizes. Following are examples of some of the commercial solar installations we have completed. Get in touch with our EPC team! We’d be thrilled to explain how Cedar Creek Energy’s Minnesota solar panel installers can merge with your team at any phase of a project, whether it’s EPC, or operation and maintenance, or a complete solar panel system for your building or warehouse.

      Financing, Tax Incentives + Rebates in Minnesota

      We have a comprehensive understanding of the financing, rebate, and tax incentive structures available for clean energy solar projects. It is our bread and butter to negotiate interconnection agreements with utilities and facilitate grid integration, including energy storage from batteries when applicable. You don’t have to get your team up to speed on the varied local, state, and federal rebate programs and utility mumbo-jumbo because we do that for you. Our specialized knowledge saves time and money and can help meet your financial goals.

      Strong Project Management

      Right from the very start, you want a project manager who clearly communicates what is essential and doesn’t overdo it. You need a solar company that will help you know what to expect from design, to timeline, to costs, to anticipated challenges with creative solutions. And sometimes, as a project evolves, your goals may change. You need a solar company that is flexible and can adapt quickly to any changing needs.

      At Cedar Creek Energy, you’ll work with a project manager who is responsive, attentive, and takes the time to update you according to your own needs. We take on your project as if it were our own because we’re as committed to its success as you are.

      Peace of Mind at All Project Stages

      Who hasn’t had to deal with sudden emergencies on a construction site or problems with material quality or delivery, or a design that just plain isn’t going to work? We’ll help you avoid these types of costly headaches. If an issue does arise, we address it promptly. Our team of engineers, electricians, technicians and other specialists takes responsibility for your project by persistently, creatively, and efficiently managing any obstacle that arises. We are committed to ensuring your construction project proceeds as smoothly as possible without interruption.

      FAQs About EPC (Energy, Procurement and Construction) in MN

      What is EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) for commercial solar energy panels?

      EPC, or Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, involves the comprehensive process of designing, acquiring materials, and constructing commercial solar energy systems. It encompasses every aspect, from initial design to final installation, ensuring the seamless execution of solar projects and the optimal performance of solar panels.

      What specific EPC services are offered by Cedar Creek Energy in Minnesota?

      Cedar Creek Energy in Minnesota offers a complete range of EPC services for commercial solar energy projects. This includes project design, obtaining necessary permits, procuring high-quality solar equipment, and overseeing construction and installation. Our experienced team ensures the seamless integration of solar panels into your property, resulting in efficient and reliable solar energy systems.

      Why is EPC important for commercial solar projects in Minnesota?

      EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) is crucial for commercial solar projects in Minnesota because it ensures a comprehensive and streamlined approach to solar installations. With EPC services, all aspects of the project, from design to construction, are managed by a single entity, minimizing complexities and potential issues. This approach guarantees efficient project delivery, optimized system performance, and adherence to quality standards, enhancing the overall success of the commercial solar venture.

      How can Cedar Creek Energy's EPC services benefit my commercial solar installation?

      Cedar Creek Energy’s EPC services offer numerous benefits for your commercial solar installation. Our experienced team handles every phase of the project, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient execution. From initial design and equipment procurement to construction and system integration, we provide a turnkey solution. This approach not only reduces project complexities but also ensures optimized performance, timely completion, and adherence to quality standards, ultimately enhancing the success and returns of your commercial solar installation.

      What is the process involved in EPC services for commercial solar projects?

      The EPC process for commercial solar projects involves a comprehensive approach to ensure successful installation. It begins with detailed project assessment, including site analysis and energy needs evaluation. Our experts then design a customized solar solution, considering factors like system size, equipment selection, and energy output projections. After finalizing the design, we handle procurement, sourcing quality materials and components. The construction phase follows, encompassing site preparation, installation of panels and other equipment, and electrical connections. Rigorous testing and commissioning are performed to ensure optimal performance. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication and collaboration with clients for a successful commercial solar project.

      Does Cedar Creek Energy handle the entire project, including design, procurement, and construction?

      Yes, Cedar Creek Energy offers full-spectrum EPC services, covering every aspect of your commercial solar project. Our dedicated team handles the entire process, from initial design and engineering to procurement of high-quality components and seamless construction. We ensure that every detail is meticulously managed, including permitting, installation, and final commissioning. Our integrated approach guarantees a smooth and efficient project execution, resulting in a successful commercial solar installation tailored to your specific needs and goals.

      Can Cedar Creek Energy customize EPC services to meet specific project requirements?

      Absolutely, Cedar Creek Energy understands that each commercial solar project is unique. Our EPC services are highly flexible and customizable to cater to your specific project requirements, whether it’s related to technology preferences, budget constraints, timeline considerations, or site-specific challenges. We work closely with you to develop a tailored solution that aligns with your goals and ensures optimal performance and energy savings from your commercial solar installation.

      Are there any specific qualifications or certifications that Cedar Creek Energy possesses for EPC services?

      Yes, Cedar Creek Energy holds several qualifications and certifications that attest to our expertise in providing EPC services for commercial solar projects. We are a licensed electrical contractor, a certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractor, and a Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association (MnSEIA) member. Additionally, our team includes NABCEP-certified professionals, demonstrating our commitment to adhering to the highest industry standards in design, procurement, and construction of commercial solar energy systems. These qualifications ensure that your project is in capable hands and will be executed with precision and excellence.

      Cedar Creek Energy