Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installers in Minnesota

Electric Vehicles and Solar – A Perfect Clean Energy Match

Cedar Creek Energy is always committed to offering our clients the newest energy-saving technology. We understand that a comprehensive approach to cleaner energy is the best way to help the environment and keep money in our clients’ pockets. Because of our deep commitment to making the world a cleaner, greener place, we offer ClipperCreek electric vehicle charging station installation for our commercial and residential solar clients.

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Minnesota EV Charging Installers

EV charging stations afford electric car users the opportunity to ensure their vehicle is always powered up and ready to go. Electric vehicles are a necessary component to any sustainable society. Instead of using fossil fuels, they are powered by the renewable energy produced by solar, wind, and other sources.

Just like solar energy, electric vehicles can drastically decrease the carbon footprint of the person or family using them. In fact, electric cars have zero harmful emissions due to not using gasoline like other cars.

Simply plug your car in to charge its battery when you’re not using it, and it will be ready to go.


Cost-Saving Technology for Residential + Commercial Users in MN

If you thought you were saving big money by installing solar energy in Minnesota, you’ll be shocked by the additional savings you see when you switch to an electric powered vehicle! Electric vehicles are much cheaper to run than a traditional car because you don’t have to fuel up to get around town. If you could totally eliminate your vehicle’s monthly gas expenses, can you imagine how much money you’d save yourself in a year’s time? What about the savings over the vehicle’s lifetime?

Electric vehicle charging stations powered by solar energy offer an impressive ROI and allow you to make the most of your solar array’s energy-producing capabilities. Knock out two of your biggest expenses in one go by switching to solar energy and an electric vehicle!

Cedar Creek Energy + ClipperCreek

ClipperCreek is a company dedicated to creating safe, effective EV charging stations for commercial, residential, workplace, and fleet use. Their charging stations provide power both indoors and outdoors and are compatible with every plug-in vehicle.

Cedar Creek Energy is proud to partner with industry leading company ClipperCreek to provide sustainable energy solutions to our residential and commercial clients.

Whatever model of charging station you choose, we will install it professionally and connect it to your solar array. By working with a professional installation company, you can be sure to make the most out of your energy and avoid unnecessary technical difficulties down the line.

Clipper Creek | Certified EV Installer

MN Commercial EV Charging Station Installation 

As a commercial solar energy user, you can offer your customers and employees EV charging stations to further illustrate your commitment to clean energy and reducing the impacts of climate change – which happens to be one of the most compelling issues of our time.

Consumers love to see companies making an effort to utilize greener options, especially when it comes to transportation and daily operations. If your company uses its own electric vehicles, our technicians can install all the chargers you could possibly need to power your company’s fleet.

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Are you ready to explore electric vehicle charging?

Cedar Creek Energy is a full-service energy storage contractor based in Blaine, Minnesota. We help businesses and homeowners reduce their carbon footprint, save thousand of dollars, and take steps toward energy efficiency by building residential and commercial solar power and energy storage systems.

FAQs About EV Charging Stations in MN

Why should I hire a professional EV charging station installer in Minnesota?

Hiring a professional EV charging station installer ensures proper installation, adherence to safety standards, and efficient functionality. Their expertise guarantees a reliable and safe charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Can an EV charging station installer help me choose the right charging station for my needs?

Yes, an experienced installer can assess your charging needs, budget, and location to recommend the suitable charging station model, capacity, and features that align with your requirements.

Are there any specific permits or regulations I need to consider when installing an EV charging station in Minnesota?

Yes, EV charging station installations may require permits and compliance with building codes and local regulations. A knowledgeable installer will navigate these requirements to ensure a smooth and compliant installation process.

How long does it typically take to install an EV charging station in Minnesota?

The installation duration varies based on factors like the station type, location, and necessary electrical work. Typically, installations take a few hours to a day, but the installer can provide a more accurate estimate based on your situation.

Can an EV charging station installer assist with the necessary electrical upgrades or modifications for the installation?

Yes, a qualified installer can evaluate your electrical infrastructure and recommend or perform any necessary upgrades to accommodate the charging station’s power requirements.

How can I find a reputable and experienced EV charging station installer in Minnesota?

You can search for reputable installers online, check local directories, or ask for recommendations from EV enthusiasts or local electric vehicle organizations. Look for installer reviews and certifications to ensure their expertise and reliability.

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