Now that school is out and the weather is glorious, you might be considering a road trip. You’re not alone: around 50 million Americans are planning to pack up the family vehicle and take a vacation this summer. Spending some quality time as a family is certainly an admirable goal for your vacation, but have you considered the impact your gas-powered vehicle will have on the environment? I don’t want to bring you down before your long-anticipated trip, but I will say it’s not good news. In fact, vehicle emissions are one of the leading causes of pollution in our country. That’s not to mention the rising cost of gasoline, which can put a big dent in any family’s road trip budget.

So, what’s an environmentally conscious road tripper to do? My suggestion is to take your road trip in an electric vehicle. Whether you’re in the market for a new car and decide to buy an electric vehicle or you simply choose to rent one for a week, you can feel confident that your choice of transportation is creating a smaller carbon footprint. Read on to learn more about what makes electric vehicles a great choice for your summer road trip!

The Benefits of Driving an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles (EVs) have fewer operating costs and emissions while remaining reliable and family-friendly. They are much cheaper to operate than a traditional car because you don’t have to fuel up to get around town. And it’s getting easier and easier to find a place to charge your EV when you’re on the go. For example, Tesla’s network of EV charging stations is extensive and affordable to use, and you can map out your trip to find the best charging station route. A Tesla Supercharger station charges your Tesla vehicle completely in as few as 75 minutes in some cases!

Since EVs don’t run on fossil fuels, they aren’t emitting harmful gases while they’re being driven. That means you can feel good about taking that long trip to Grandma’s house this summer, whether you do it once or once a week! Even better – when EV charging stations are used in conjunction with solar panels, they take free clean energy from the sun and turn it into the type of energy you can use to power your vehicle. Zero cost, zero fossil fuel emissions, and zero guilt no matter how often you need to use your car.

You may also be surprised to learn that many electric vehicles have quite long-lasting batteries. Some Tesla models can drive over 300 miles on a single charge, and with optimal charging equipment, you may only have to take a couple of hours’ break from driving to charge the battery. That means you could get from Minneapolis to Mount Rushmore with only one recharge of the car’s battery!

Installing A Home EV Charging System

If you choose to purchase an electric vehicle, Cedar Creek Energy can easily install a charging system in your home so you can charge your car in your garage, driveway, or elsewhere. You’ll never have to leave home early to fill up on gas again! Just plug your car into its EV charging station when you get home, and it will be ready to go the next time you need to do some driving.

So, if you’re sold on the idea of an electric vehicle and would like a charging station installed in your home, give Cedar Creek Energy a call. We provide electric vehicle charging station installation for both residential and commercial purposes. Contact us by calling (763) 432-5261.

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