Solar Panels for Multifamily Housing Units

Solar Panel Installation for Multifamily Dwellings

Just as single-family homeowners reap financial and environmental benefits through the use of solar panels, real estate developers and property managers will see great returns on solar panels for multifamily housing. With more families in the home using lighting, electronics, and more (all on their own schedules), the electric bills will inevitably be higher in a multifamily home  – but that also means more opportunity for savings! 

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Solar Benefits Real Estate Investors + Multifamily Property Owners

If you’re an on-site landlord who installs solar, you can save money on your own energy bills while also offering an incentive for tenants to choose your property.  Lower energy bills are a great draw for tenants who must pay their own utilities. And if you pay utilities for all the units in your building or complex, you’ll see substantial energy savings that will increase your profits without negatively affecting your tenants.

Apartments, Condos + Townhomes Are a Great Fit for Solar Power in MN

You don’t need to make a huge investment in solar energy to get the system you need for your multifamily housing units. There are a number of local and federal solar incentives for multifamily property owners. Through these grants, rebates, tax credits, and special financing rates, you can minimize your investment in solar and maximize your systems’ ROI.

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Financing + Rebates

Take full advantage of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Among other climate-positive initiatives, the IRA’s new Investment Tax Credit is game-changing for MN businesses considering a solar power installation or a string of solar projects over the coming years. 

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EPC Services

We design, install, and operate commercial solar PV arrays throughout the Midwest and have over 14 years of demonstrated experience with large, complex solar arrays. Learn more about our EPC Services online or by calling 763-334-6406.

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Power Purchase Agreements

Minnesota businesses can convert to solar powered energy systems without tying up funds in a capital investment, or having any operating and maintenance costs, while cutting what they pay for electricity as they reduce their carbon footprint. This is done with a Power Purchase Agreement.

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Operation + Maintenance

A critical component to maximizing your sunshine power is making sure you have a solid operation and maintenance agreement in place. At Cedar Creek Energy, we provide a suite of services that support green energy and sustainable building practices.

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Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Apartment Dwellers: Perks for Tenants

Multifamily solar isn’t just lucrative for property owners; potential tenants will recognize the cost-saving power of solar energy systems, too. If the tenants in your building are responsible for their own energy bills, they will appreciate spending only a negligible percentage of their income on power each month. 

You may be able to increase rent to offset your solar installation costs, too. Many tenants will be happy to pay a set amount in rent every month, even if it’s slightly higher than in comparable properties, instead of being forced to guess how much their power bill will be each month. When tenants are running fans and window air conditioning units in the summer heat, they’ll be pleased to see their unit’s solar panels absorbing sunlight to offset those energy costs. 

Solar energy systems for multifamily dwellings are a win-win for property owners and tenants! All that’s left to do is for you to contact a knowledgeable solar installer who has worked on multifamily properties, and Cedar Creek Energy fits the bill. We have worked with many real estate developers, brokers, and property managers to create affordable solar energy systems for multifamily dwellings.