Inflation Reduction Act


Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), there has never been a better time for Minnesota businesses to install solar energy. The 30% Investment Tax Credit, now renamed the Clean Energy Credit, has been reinstated for both commercial and residential solar power projects (having previously fallen to 26%) and this applies retroactively to solar projects placed in service during or after 2022! But things get a lot more exciting for businesses under the IRA: 10% more is added for selling the electricity to low income families through community solar schemes; another 10% for using US-manufactured solar products and construction material; and another 10% for solar projects located on former fossil fuel energy sites. All of these bonus tax credits combined amount to a super-tax credit of up to 60%. That’s right – more than half the cost of the entire solar power installation. Allow Cedar Creek Energy to guide you through the financing process of your commercial solar project to maximize your savings!

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Commercial Solar Incentives + Rebates in MN

At Cedar Creek Energy, every time we design a commercial solar energy system, we are designing it to cashflow as quickly as possible. Through the Federal Tax Credit of 30%, the MinnPACE program where you can pay for your system using a voluntary assessment on your property taxes for up to 20 years, to the Xcel Energy Rewards Program, it is our goal for your system to break even as quickly as possible.

We devote our time to ensuring every commercial client receives the best financing and maximum rebates and incentives available on the market.

At Cedar Creek Energy, we stay current on all federal, state and utility incentive program opportunities, and have a number of “green lenders” we can refer you to.

Commercial Financing & Rebates FAQs

What financing options are available for commercial solar energy projects in Minnesota?
Commercial solar projects in Minnesota can be financed through various options, including loans, leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. Each option has its own benefits and considerations, and it’s important to explore which option aligns best with your specific needs and financial goals.
Are there any state-specific financing programs or incentives for commercial solar projects in Minnesota?
Yes, Minnesota offers specific financing programs and incentives for commercial solar projects. One example is the Minnesota Solar Loan program, which provides low-interest loans for eligible solar projects. Additionally, the state’s PACE program offers financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, including solar installations.
What are the potential cost savings for commercial solar projects in Minnesota?
Commercial solar projects in Minnesota can result in significant cost savings over the long term. By generating clean, renewable energy onsite, businesses can reduce their dependence on utility-provided electricity and lower their energy bills. The exact savings depend on factors such as the size of the solar system, energy consumption, and available incentives.
What is the process for accessing and applying for rebates for commercial solar projects in Minnesota?
The process for accessing and applying for rebates in Minnesota varies depending on the specific program. Some programs require pre-approval or reservation of funds before the installation begins, while others have post-installation application processes. It’s important to consult with a knowledgeable solar provider or the respective program administrators to understand the application requirements and timelines.
Can commercial solar projects in Minnesota take advantage of accelerated depreciation benefits?
Yes, commercial solar projects in Minnesota are eligible for accelerated depreciation benefits under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS). This allows businesses to recover the cost of the solar system over a shorter time frame, resulting in enhanced tax benefits.
Is it possible to combine financing options and incentives for commercial solar projects in Minnesota?
Yes, businesses can often combine financing options and incentives to make commercial solar projects more financially viable. For example, a business may choose to finance the solar installation through a loan or lease while also taking advantage of tax incentives and rebates to reduce the upfront costs and ongoing operational expenses.
Are there any grants or funding opportunities specifically available for commercial solar projects in Minnesota?
While there may not be specific grants exclusively for commercial solar projects in Minnesota, there are broader funding opportunities available through federal, state, or local programs that support renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives. It’s worth exploring these options to determine eligibility and suitability for your project.
How can working with a reputable solar company like Cedar Creek Energy help businesses navigate the financing and rebate process?
Reputable solar companies like Cedar Creek Energy have extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the financing and rebate landscape. We can provide guidance on available financing options, assist with rebate applications, and ensure compliance with program requirements. Our expertise can help businesses maximize financial benefits and streamline the process.
How long does it typically take to secure financing and complete the rebate process for commercial solar projects in Minnesota?
The timeline for securing financing and completing the rebate process varies depending on the specific financing option and program requirements. It can range from a few weeks to a few months. Working with a solar provider experienced in commercial projects can help streamline the process and ensure timely completion.

More Ways to Save on Commercial Solar

Inflation Reduction Act

After years of starting and stopping, where solar tax credits are concerned, Minnesota’s businesses can now rest assured that this tax credit will be around for the next 10 years (if you consider that it applies retroactively to all commercial solar projects completed in 2022). This new level of stability allows businesses to make firm long-term plans, particularly concerning matters like planning the costs around the transition to net zero. Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act.

PACE Program

The PACE program is a way for commercial property owners to finance solar energy systems in Minnesota and across the nation.  In the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota, PACE “allows property owners to access competitive private financing through a partnership with local governments and the St. Paul Port Authority. Building owners who use PACE financing for their energy improvements pay back the financing through property taxes, as a voluntary special assessment,” according to the PACE website and our own experience with PACE-financed projects. With PACE, you can finance up to 20% of the “current assessed value of a parcel.” This means that if your building and property are assessed at one million dollars, you would qualify for $200,000 of PACE financing, for your commercial solar photovoltaic green energy solution. PACE financing can be given whether your project is $10,000 or $10 million. Read more about the PACE Program.

City of Minneapolis: Green Business Solar Projects

Good news for businesses located in Minneapolis- in 2018 the city rolled out a new incentive program to help commercial buildings to go green! Funding is available through the Green Business Cost Share Program and will provide an incentive of $0.25 per estimated annual kwh production for the 1st year of production, up to $75,000.

Green Energy Lenders

We’ll take a look at what you’re trying to accomplish when you’re hoping to payback, where you hope to be 5, 10, and 25 years down the road, whether the ROI starts in year 5 or year 10, and then we connect with one of the green energy lenders. We have long-standing, trustworthy relationships with a wide variety of these forward-looking lenders in Minnesota and throughout the nation.

Other Commercial Solar Programs

Are there any commercial solar energy systems financing programs on the city, county, state, and federal level available right now for you—we’ll tell you exactly what’s available, even the programs that are not advertised or listed seemingly anywhere.

Questions about the Inflation Reduction Act?

Power Purchase Agreements for Minnesota Businesses

For businesses and any government facility in Minnesota, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a zero-cost way to install a solar energy system. 

The Cedar Creek Energy team will assess the needs of your building(s), design a custom solar system, install your solar panels, connect them to your power supply, and sell you the electricity generated at a price less than what a utility charges. We also maintain your system for the life of the contract.

Power Purchase Agreements are a great option for businesses who want to invest in solar without paying for a system themselves.

How We Help


“Even though without fail every client of ours tells us they are going solar because it’s the right thing to do, they still have to justify that decision economically. We make sure the solar payback and savings IS the right thing for them to do.” –Rob Appelhof, CEO and Founder

We look at what you’re trying to accomplish and where you hope to be 5, 10, and 25 years down the road. We evaluate the best commercial solar energy systems financing programs on the city, county, state, and federal level available to you and connect you with green energy lenders. The MnPace (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program is one such well publicized financier for green opportunities. Cedar Creek Energy pioneered the first MnPaced-financed project in Minneapolis in 2014 for Crankshaft Supply, a manufacturer that reconditions and resells old crankshafts. Crankshaft, owned by Jay Miller, consumed large amounts of energy, and Jay wanted to reduce the reliance on traditional fossil fuels and go greener.

“Cedar Creek’s goal is to help businesses become energy efficient and go solar in a way that makes the most economic sense for that business,” states Rob Appelhof, President of Cedar Creek Energy. “As precision manufacturers, Crankshaft already had a clean and efficient operation, so going solar was their natural next step – and without PACE it would not have happened.”

Tax Credits and Incentives are another benefit of solar. The Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credit of 30% is a federal credit for residential and commercial solar energy systems in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. You essentially receive a 30% tax rebate on your taxes for the year.

The Power of Tax Credits

A critical component of any project is the appropriate financing. You can count on us to develop a financing package, including incentives, rebates, and bonuses, that will work for your bottom line. We help you do the financing math and access the resources to offset costs so you can take the next step toward energy efficiency.

“At first, I thought the 26% Federal Tax Credit was more of a tax deduction; as in I could deduct it on my taxes. I was thrilled to realize that the 26% was literally a tax credit. So based on the investment we made into our solar array, I received a credit of $15,000. So if my overall tax liability was $30,000, minus the credit, I would only have to pay the IRS $15,000.” – Terrie Wheeler, Small Business Owner

“It’s a great joy to see clients willing to invest their money in renewable energy. Their motives are almost always about doing the right thing. In today’s world it’s nice to work with people who are excited about their investment in solar not as much for themselves, but more for the impact it will have on future generations.” –Rick Tisdale, Senior Project Engineer, Cedar Creek Energy


Find Out What Additional Rebates and Incentives You Qualify For

Our offices are based in Blaine, Minnesota, and it is our mission to help commercial owners and individuals save money through the use of renewable energy and effective energy management practices.  Our company serves clients in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Greater Minnesota and surrounding states, and across the nation.

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