Rob Appelhof

President + CEO

“The way we get energy is changing and it’s exciting to be a part of that change. It’s rewarding to help people save money and work toward energy independence. I love helping clients take an idea they have, and through creative and innovative engineering, make it a reality. These are typically once-in-a-lifetime projects for clients, so it’s fun and rewarding to be a part of it.” -Rob Appelhof

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Meet Rob Appelhof

Rob Appelhof founded Cedar Creek Energy in 2007. The company’s development coincided with the great recession that began in late 2007. Rob had worked in the steel building industry, and witnessed firsthand the harsh impact of skyrocketing fuel and energy costs. He clearly understood the critical importance of providing alternative energy solutions like residential and commercial solar energy systems. His vision and entrepreneurial spirit, focus, competitiveness, honesty, expertise, and good-natured character ensured that Cedar Creek Energy got off to a solid start.

Rob truly enjoys helping residential homeowners, commercial companies, farmers, developers, nonprofits, governmental entities, and other organizations save money and work towards energy independence. His motivation, grit, and commitment, coupled with a strong background in sales, sales management, real estate, and finance, helped grow the small Minnesota solar contractor of 2007 into a leading developer of residential and commercial solar power systems in Minnesota today. Incidentally, in 2017, Cedar Creek Energy celebrated its 10th anniversary in business!

Whether being involved with his boys sports teams or serving as CEO, Rob is fair, competitive, easy to talk to, and an inspiration. He is a regular speaker on the topic of renewable energy at Rotary Clubs, city council meetings, business organizations, and school boards. After spending time with him, you will understand that solar is not just the next cool thing to do.  Rather, it’s a great opportunity to decrease your electric bills, and to help end your  reliance on traditional energy sources that pollute the environment, rather than reducing your own carbon footprint. A voracious student of all things solar, Rob has grown a company that can flexibly integrate new technologies into the fast-evolving world of renewable energy. One conversation with Rob will have you heading down the path toward letting the sun energize your home or business.

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