It’s that time of year again when we gather to celebrate our planet on Earth Day! This year’s theme of ‘Invest in Our Planet’ highlights the power of governments, businesses, and individuals to bring about transformational change in the fight for our planet and our future.

What is Earth Day?

Since it first began back in 1970, Earth Day’s mission has been to educate and mobilize all of us to protect the natural world and everything that depends on it. It has brought together over 150,000 global business and government partners across 192 countries, all working together to raise awareness and bring about positive change to how we care for our planet. Earth Day campaigns embrace all areas of environmental concern, from trash going into our rivers and seas, to the destruction of fragile ecosystems, to pollutions in our atmosphere, all of which contribute to the big one – climate change. While Earth Day calls us to change our collective actions, it is also a day to celebrate the planet for all the beauty and life it sustains.

Let’s Invest in Our Planet

This day might ask us, what can we do as individuals to invest in our planet? When it comes to climate change, it’s easy to feel a little powerless sometimes. But remember that every action adds up, and there are many ways to make a difference. You can switch to reusable bags, pick up trash while you walk, compost food waste, and switch to paperless billing, just to name a few. Some of the ways we can help the planet also help us save money! Of course, going solar is one of those ways.

By installing solar panels in our homes, we are harnessing something that is free, but also one of nature’s superpowers – sunshine. Unlike other renewable power sources, solar power gives you the power to create clean energy yourself – lowering your carbon footprint and your energy bills simultaneously. Solar panels will also bring you an average of 20 to 25 years free electricity – and potentially as much as 35 years. So, when you install solar panels, not only are you investing in our planet, you are also making big returns on your investment. If you’re ready to switch to an electric vehicle too, you can also install a charger directly into your home, fueling your car and your home with clean, green energy.

 How Solar Installations by Cedar Creek Energy Have Made a Positive Impact

Cedar Creek Energy is a company that values sustainable and renewable energy resources that benefit the longevity of our planet. All over Minnesota and the United States, solar panels are catching the light on more and more roofs – and many of those were put there by us. In 2021, Cedar Creek Energy installed projects all around Minnesota that produced an estimated total of 7,688,483 kWh of electricity last year. To put this number in perspective, this is the equivalent of:

  • The total electricity used by 1,060 homes in one year
  • The energy it would take to charge 662.7 million smartphones

This amount of kWh produced by renewable energy prevented over 12 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of:

  • 613,108 gallons of gasoline consumed, which would allow a single vehicle to drive over 13.5 million miles. That would be like driving around the earth 543 times!
  • 3.7 million pounds of waste recycled instead of sitting in a landfill. That’s nearly 270 garbage trucks!

We are incredibly proud and privileged to be able to contribute to positive change and grateful to all our clients who helped make an impact with us last year. We look forward to more installations, more savings, and a more sustainable future for all.

This year, Earth Day reminds us once again, that every action we take, no matter how small, has the power to help support our planet and change things for the better. As you think about ways you can live more sustainably, remember Cedar Creek Energy as your Minnesota solar installer and your partner in positive change!

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