There is no time like the present to go solar. There are numerous benefits to choosing solar in 2018, with many new perks cropping up. This makes it an ideal time for you to switch your home or business over to a solar energy system. Read on to discover some of the best reasons to switch to renewable solar energy.

1. There are many financing options to choose from.

Cedar Creek Energy has developed long standing, trustworthy relationships with a wide variety of forward-thinking solar energy lenders in Minnesota and throughout the nation. We work with both commercial and residential solar clients to secure low interest financing options and will match your specific goals to the perfect green energy lenders to finance your best project, with your bottom line in mind.

2. Solar energy offers great return on investment.

Unlike traditional energy sources, solar energy pays for itself quickly and earns you money as you go. Your system will be warrantied for up to 25 years, but its payback time can be as little as 7 years. That means over 15 years of net savings. Quit throwing away your money paying for energy every month and invest it in a renewable energy system that you can use to get free energy from the sun!

3. Installing solar adds equity to your home.

Solar-powered homes will benefit from a ‘solar premium’ when they’re sold because buyers understand the savings they will receive in a home with solar panels. If you own commercial property and install a larger system, solar panels will be an exponentially beneficial investment. When you go solar in 2018, you can take advantage of limited-time incentives and financing to decrease your expenses and further increase your equity.

4. Solar incentives are better than ever.

State and local solar incentive programs are available to both homeowners and business owners, but many are offered on a limited basis. For example, a Federal Investment Tax Credit offered to new solar customers which will allow you to receive a tax credit for 26% of the total initial cost of your solar energy system. This tax credit isn’t guaranteed, so you’ll need to switch to solar soon to ensure you qualify.

It’s also a great year for Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards program. For 2018, the company has doubled the size limits of qualifying solar energy systems from 20 KW to 40 KW. Through this program, you can offset the cost of installing your solar system through a bill credit for any surplus energy produced by your system for the first ten years it’s installed. Act now to take advantage of these increased limits and the savings they’ll bring you!

5. Costs to go solar are at historic lows.

Manufacturing and investment in foreign solar panel makers has driven costs downward dramatically in the last few years. At the same time, more and more local companies are producing and installing solar close to home. These companies have less transportation costs than international solar companies. All this action in the marketplace means competitive pricing, which means more savings for you, the consumer!

Do You Want to Go Solar?

If you’ve decided all these benefits are too good to pass up, contact Cedar Creek Energy today to get started on your personalized solar energy system. We offer free consultations and energy audits, at which time we will analyze your energy usage and project how much money and resources you can save by switching from grid energy to solar.

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