With so many homeowners interested in energy efficiency for the sake of both their budgets and the planet, home energy audits have become a popular and efficient way to cut down on costs and carbon footprints. The merits of hiring a professional team to analyze your home’s energy consumption are numerous: you can better use of your finances, learn to decrease your carbon footprint, and more.

Energy audits can save residential clients the time and strain of identifying energy issues in their own homes, and energy audits help commercial clients determine the ROI opportunities available to their company. Read on to learn about five of the biggest benefits you’ll see when you hire an energy company to come to your home and conduct a home energy audit.

You’ll learn where your money is going – and how to spend less of it each month

When you have an energy audit performed on your home, the results will show you exactly where your utility costs are coming from. With this information you can create alternative energy plans, like a solar energy system, that will allow for lower costs in the areas that are currently most expensive. If you have low-efficiency devices in your home that cost you too much each month, you can identify those issues through an energy audit and replace those devices with a more efficient solution. Appliances, electronics, and lighting can all rack up high electric bills if they are not energy efficient.

You’ll learn how to decrease your carbon footprint

Given the recent data on climate change, many of us want to do everything we can to help the environment. It follows that the easiest way to decrease your carbon footprint is by focusing on your energy consumption and emissions in your own home. With a home energy audit, the energy professionals will collect this data for you. They will also suggest changes you can make to remain environmentally conscious.

It allows solar energy system designers to customize your system

If you’re conducting an energy audit because you would like to switch to using solar energy in your home, the information collected by your solar energy company during this process is invaluable. The team will use it to create the perfect system for your home, taking into account all your unique energy needs.

On top of the complimentary home energy audit that we offer all of our prospective clients, Cedar Creek Energy – solar panels for your home Minnesota also provides homeowners with a digital home energy dashboard after their solar project is complete. This dashboard can be used to see how your energy consumption changes after your solar panels are installed.

It can uncover hidden issues with your home

It can be hard to tell if there are costly issues in certain areas of your home. As I mentioned earlier, electronics and appliances are often less energy efficient then you may expect, especially if they’re a little dated. To add to your issues, your home may not be optimally insulated to save on heating and cooling costs. Luckily, these are issues that a home energy audit can uncover.

Suspiciously high heating and cooling bills can be addressed twofold – both by decreasing your power costs through an alternative energy source like solar and by working with heating and cooling professionals to make your home’s use of this energy more efficient.

You’ll learn which home improvements to make

Whether you plan to sell your home in the short term or see yourself in it for the foreseeable future, you likely hope to see your home’s value increase over the years. Now more than ever, buyers want energy-efficient homes. In previous blog posts, I discussed the increased resale value of a home with a solar energy system installed. A home using solar power will sell for an average of $15,000 more than if it used grid energy.

Your potential for increased value doesn’t stop there. You can also improve your home’s appliances, insulation, lighting, and more to be more appealing to potential buyers in the future. When considering home improvements, a home energy audit is a helpful tool because it highlights the upgrades with the highest return on investment.

If you’ve got solar energy on your radar as a way to decrease energy costs, your carbon footprint, and your reliance on grid energy, contact Cedar Creek Energy – solar energy Minnesota today to schedule your home energy audit and see what solar can do for you! Contact us here or by calling 763-432-5261.

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