Harnessing energy from the sun is an amazing way to power your home or business. A solar array essentially creates something from nothing, using natural sunlight to create the power you need. The greatest thing about choosing a solar panel company in Minnesota is how affordable and accessible it has become. Anyone can hop on the solar energy bandwagon and start saving money while helping the environment!

Cedar Creek Energy Solar Energy Glossary

The best way to get on board with solar is to learn more about the Minnesota solar installation process and technology, including some important terms you should know prior to having your own solar system installed. Learning about these common solar terms is a great way to gain insight into the world of solar and decide if it’s the right energy source for you. Our Solar Energy Glossary has 10 common solar terms and their definitions. They offer a great introduction into the world of solar energy.

Energy Audit

When you contact a reputable solar energy installer like Cedar Creek Energy, they will come to your home or business to conduct an energy audit. This consists of reviewing your recent utility bills, identifying energy savings opportunities we can help you achieve through solar energy, and discussing your options for battery storage and lighting upgrades.

Kilowatt Hours

A kilowatt is a measure of power demand, while a kilowatt hour is a measure of energy consumption. A kilowatt hour is calculated by taking the demand of power in kilowatts and multiplying it by the amount of time that amount of power needs to be used.

Carbon footprint

This is a term describing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by an individual or a company due to their consumption of fossil fuels. Your carbon footprint can be decreased by using sustainable energy, less power in your home, and energy-efficient lighting and appliances.Net Metering

Net metering is a system for solar panel users who are attached to the grid. It allows you to transfer the surplus energy their system produces to the grid, which then offsets the cost of any power they need to use from the utility company. Solar users only pay for their net energy usage through this process.


This term refers to anything that can produce energy through exposure to light. Solar panels are commonly referred to as photovoltaic because of the way they produce energy by harnessing the sun’s rays.

Solar Array

After a customer has had an energy audit to determine how much energy they need their solar energy to produce, their solar energy company will calculate how many solar panels are needed to produce that energy. A solar array is this collection of solar panels, which are wired together to create the ideal energy output.

Solar Cell

A solar cell is the main energy-producing component of a solar panel. Each solar cell can produce anywhere from 1-4.5 watts of power, and one solar panel is generally made up of about 40 solar cells.

Energy Storage

When using solar panels in Minnesota, your energy production will fluctuate based on the weather, the time of day, and other environmental factors. During peak energy production times, your system may actually produce more energy than your home or business can consume. When you utilize energy storage options like solar batteries, you can store this energy and use it at a time when your solar energy system isn’t producing all the energy you need.

Solar Financing

When you work with a solar installation company, they will help you secure solar financing. There are different solar financing options for businesses and Minnesota residential solar systems users. Cedar Creek Energy helps compare financing options for each of its clients in addition to securing them solar grants and rebates.Operating and Maintenance Agreement

This is an agreement entered into by a solar energy user and a solar company to address both the preventive and corrective maintenance of a solar array, including repair in the case of a breakdown. An operating and maintenance agreement is a great way to optimize your solar energy system’s output and enjoy the benefits of solar without all the responsibility.

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