Whether you are a business owner concerned with ROI or a homeowner who is simply hoping to cut your monthly bills, the numbers add up with Xcel Energy’s solar incentives. Luckily, if you have been dragging your feet to have a solar energy system installed, now is the time to benefit from the Solar Rewards Program which recently expanded to include projects up to 40 kW.

Xcel Energy, the primary energy company in the Twin Cities metro area, recognizes Minnesota’s increasing interest in solar energy and offers huge financial perks to its solar energy customers. These discounts are an additional incentive offered by the company to reward Minnesotans for choosing clean, renewable energy sources. One ongoing program, Xcel Energy Solar Rewards, allows solar energy users to essentially sell back the surplus energy their system produces to decrease the burden on the power grid. This program will provide you with a rebate of eight cents per surplus kilowatt hour produced by your system for the first 10 years. This translates to thousands of additional dollars in savings and a decreased payback time for your system.

Increased Size Limits Translate to Increased Savings with Xcel

Xcel Energy recently doubled the size limit for its Solar Rewards program from 20 kW to 40 kW projects during a recent MN legislature session. This is a game changer for many residential and commercial solar customers who require a greater capacity array than the previous limit of 20 kW. This expansion opens the door to customers wanting to maximize savings while using all available roof space. Previously, some customers would limit the number of solar panels installed to stay within the smaller kW requirement. Now, more rewards and more efficiencies equate to more savings!

Minnesotans are certainly embracing solar and all its benefits; we are 14th in the country in solar energy capacity. Minnesota currently has about 850 MW of installed solar capacity and that number continues to grow. Homeowners throughout the state are recognizing the financial and environmental benefits of equipping their property with solar panels, as are many companies with locations in Minnesota and Xcel Energy believes in rewarding those doing the right thing.

Catapulting Your Company Into Energy Savings

If you’re interested in installing a solar array, whether large or small, now is the time to act! The benefits offered by the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards program have been unattainable in Minnesota until now. The first step towards getting your efficient, affordable solar energy system installed is contacting Cedar Creek Energy. We scour every possible financing and rebate option to find the right combination for you and your needs, so you’ll benefit from Xcel’s solar programs and any other options available to you. We will file all the necessary paperwork and permits to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and you can start saving as soon as your solar energy system is installed!

To learn more about solar energy financing and rebates available to you in Minnesota, contact Cedar Creek Energy today.

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