As a Minnesota business owner, I’m sure you’re always looking for new ways to appeal to potential clients, make your company’s values known, and save money. And as a big fan of sustainable energy, I’m here to tell you solar can do all that and more for your business! The financial benefits of solar are certainly motivating but committing to solar is more than just a smart money move. You can also make a strong statement about your company’s commitment to cutting edge technology and greener energy options. In this article, I’ll further explain the benefits your business will see by switching to solar.

Become a green solar-powered business

With the recent unsettling findings on climate change and other environmental issues, many of your clients likely have a desire to become greener. If your company uses a green energy source like solar, your clients will be proud to give you their business. Solar energy is a great way for your company to convey your commitment to sustainability – not to mention, you and your employees can also feel good about doing your part and not relying on fossil fuels at work.

Reduce utility costs

Solar energy is one of the best financial decisions you can make for your business if you want to lower your utility costs. With an energy audit and some basic upgrades, you can increase your facility’s energy efficiency and obtain the energy you do need through a sustainable energy source. This all translates to big savings for your business. In some cases, solar energy can decrease a company’s electric bills by up to 90%!

With a custom-designed solar energy system, installed by a professional solar panel installation company, your facilities can even be self-sufficient on sunny days. This is why it’s so important to work with an experienced solar engineering and installation team – the design of your system can drastically change its maximum potential to harness free energy from the sun for your company.

Take advantage of cutting-edge technology

Solar energy is one of the most contemporary sustainable energy options. It says something great about your company that you are willing to invest in the newest technology instead of sticking with the same old options. Don’t get stuck using grid energy when all of the most successful, relevant companies are taking a more technologically advanced approach to powering their facilities.

Benefit from solar energy’s great ROI

Some businesses initially shy away from exploring solar because they assume the installation costs are too great for them to recoup their investment. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Solar energy installation has an impressive ROI, with a positive cashflow attainable after mere years. You can expect a solar energy system to last 20 years or more without an overhaul, which means huge savings over the lifetime of the system. Some of Cedar Creek Energy’s clients will easily save thousands of dollars by switching to a solar-powered business model!

Protect against changing utility rates

It’s in your company’s best interest to have accurate predictions of future costs. When it comes to grid power, you don’t have any guarantees in this regard. The price of grid energy can change based on the cost of fuel, the plant’s operating costs, and many other factors.

You can minimize the impact of fluctuating utility rates by decreasing your reliance on grid power. Solar energy is the perfect choice – on sunny days, you may not have to use any grid energy at all!

If you like what you’ve read and want to start the process of switching to a solar-powered business, contact Cedar Creek Energy today! Our team, solar energy Minnesota will help you identify your solar goals and create a plan to help you meet and exceed them.

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