Solar power purchase agreements are becoming highly sought after for many commercial energy clients in Minnesota and throughout the country – and with good reason. A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) is a financial agreement that can save businesses and other commercial energy clients thousands of dollars over the course of several years. A PPA is created when a solar company such as Cedar Creek Energy arranges the design, permitting, financing, installation, and maintenance of a solar energy system on a customer’s property at no upfront cost to that customer. The solar company then sells the power generated by the solar energy system to the customer at a fixed rate. This rate is typically lower than the local power company’s rate. A power purchase agreement can save the customer money on their power bills, and they can lock in a set price for the life of the contract (usually 15 to 20 years).

Because Cedar Creek Energy owns, maintains, and operates the system in solar power purchase agreements, you won’t have to make decisions about the size and type of solar system we install. Our team will simply do what is right for your specific situation and location. And don’t worry when you need to expand your current facility. We’ll assess the additional needs of your growing business and upgrade your solar energy system as necessary to accommodate the additional demand for electricity. Here’s more on why you should consider working with Cedar Creek Energy to create a solar power purchase agreement for your school, municipality, or business.

No Upfront Capital Costs

The benefits of a solar energy system are numerous: they make energy inexpensive, have a positive environmental impact, and demonstrate your commitment to new technology. Yet, the initial installation costs of a solar energy system are enough to dissuade some commercial customers from making the switch.

In the case of a power purchase agreement, Cedar Creek Energy will absorb all of the upfront expense of assessing the size of the solar installation needed, designing and installing the system, and hooking it into your building. Your company or organization will have no upfront installation costs, but you’ll still be able to benefit from the rewards of solar energy.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements Lower Your Energy Cost

Through a solar power purchase agreement, Cedar Creek will sell you clean energy at affordable rates. A Cedar Creek solar energy system provides businesses, local governments, and other organizations with a consistent, predictable price for electricity for the duration of the PPA contract. You can expect the price to be lower – sometimes considerably so – than the constantly increasing cost of electricity from the grid.

No Risk for Your Organization

When the owner of a solar panel array encounters a problem with their system, they are on the hook to have it repaired or replaced. This is not so with a solar power purchase agreement for cities, municipalities, and business owners.

Cedar Creek Energy is responsible for every aspect of the performance of your solar energy installation. We have installed over 500 solar panel systems for residential, commercial, industrial and government buildings, so we’re not new to the solar business. Our team is confident in our ability to properly install your solar panels and keep them running in tip-top shape – since we also absorb the risk of operating the system over the life of your contract.

Bypass the Responsibility of Upkeep and Repairs

With a PPA, Cedar Creek Energy controls the design, permitting, financing, installation and ongoing maintenance for the solar energy system on your property under a contract that runs for 15 to 20 years. The installation is maintained and inspected regularly by Cedar Creek Energy, and we will promptly correct any issues that arise with the solar panels and associated components. None of your employees will have to be trained to keep the solar energy system in peak working condition. You can leave that job to the professional solar panel technicians at Cedar Creek.

Enhances the Value of Your Property

Time after time, the installation of a solar energy system has been shown to add to the value of a commercial property. If you are the owner of commercial or multifamily residential real estate, a solar installation will do great things for your equity and will pay off should you decide to sell down the line. Not to mention, tenants will appreciate both the cost-saving and environmentally conscious attributes of a building powered by solar energy.

Creating Solar Power Purchase Agreements for Minnesota Cities and Commercial Customers

Has this post convinced you to get started on your own power purchase agreement? You’re making the smart choice for your organization! Contact Cedar Creek Energy to learn more about the details so we can get started. We’ll help you create a plan to decrease the financial stress of fluctuating energy prices and make the whole solar installation process easy as can be. Give us a call at (763) 432-5261 today!

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