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Project Case Study
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TOtal DC System Size

lbs/year C02 Emissions Saved

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Project Inspiration

HOM Furniture is committed to sustainably practices through the responsible use of forest resources and is one of the largest award-winning recyclers in the Midwest. It is not just HOM products that reflect this dedication, but their facilities too – they have high-efficiency LED lights and 75F smart sensors in numerous show rooms, stores, and parking lots. In their next sustainable step, HOM Furniture reached out to Cedar Creek Energy to bring solar energy to three of their Minnesota locations: Rogers, Bloomington, and Oakdale.

Our Approach

Cedar Creek Energy began by assessing the available roof space of each location, along with performing a detailed analysis of the stores’ energy usage statements and history. Once consumption needs were calculated and a plan was designed using Cedar Creek Energy’s customized, consultative approach, we worked closely with HOM Furniture to secure their enrollment in the solar PV Demand Credit, a popular incentive for commercial solar customers that allows them to generate additional cost savings for the energy their system produces during peak hours.

The Final Result

HOM Furniture is proud to be powered by solar energy provided by Cedar Creek Energy! The annual 1,818,500 kWh of energy produced by all three of these locations helps HOM stores operate on clean, renewable energy, and prevent over 2.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

HOM’s Rogers onsite solar energy generation will offset nearly 60% of the electricity required to power the facility and equates to over one million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions prevented from being produced by non-renewable sources. On average, the arrays will provide enough electricity over their 30–35-year life to provide the equivalent power for more than 8,000 single-family homes. HOM Furniture and Cedar Creek Energy are proud to be partners in sustainable energy!

HOM Rogers:
· 547.2 kW DC 
· 1,268 Solar Panels 
· 679,500 kWh First Year Estimated Production

HOM Bloomington:
· 528 kW DC 
· 1,320 Solar Panels
· 635,100 kWh First Year Estimated Production

HOM Oakdale:
· 418.8 kW DC
· 1,047 Solar Panels
· 503,900 kWh First Year Estimated Production


“Partnering with Cedar Creek Energy as our solar energy provider has helped us achieve our goals of becoming more energy efficient and sustainable”

— Executive Director of Merchandising

“Working with the team at Cedar Creek Energy has been a great experience. They’ve made everything so easy for us, answered all our questions, and really took care of everything from start to finish. They’re a great crew to work with.”

— Director of Real Estate

Cedar Creek Energy