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Project Case Study
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Project Inspiration

As a metal recycling facility, K & K Recycling believes in good stewardship of the earth –  and its natural resources are very important. When Brian Stuart contacted K & K Recycling regarding solar energy, they listened. After a very long conversation with Brian, it became clear that Solar Energy was a very good fit for several reasons, including conservation of energy and the return on investment.

“Brian Stuart took the time to explain everything clearly and answered all of our questions without being pushy.” – Linda Hull, CFO, K & K Recycling

Our Approach

K&K Recycling and conducted a thorough analysis of their power and LED lighting. Cedar Creek Energy put together a 2-step plan integrating solar energy. They used the Xcel Energy capacity credit to maximize savings. In addition, swapping out fluorescent lighting for cost-effective LED lights created a maintenance free, 10-year savings plan, significantly lowering their monthly utility bill. The CCE team made the solar and lighting decision easy for an organization committed to energy efficiency and conservation.

The Final Result

The first month in production created solar savings of $6,400 for K&K Recycling. This, coupled with a utility rebate of $28,934 from the LED lighting made the project a huge win for the recycling facility. This project will pay back in 2-3 years, making the right thing to do payoff tremendously in the years ahead.

    Client Feedback

    “The solar panels have made a huge impact on our electric bill and we know we are helping lower our carbon footprint. We also had CCE replace all of our fluorescent lights in the entire building with LED lights. Between the solar and the LED lights, we feel we have made dramatic progress lowering our electrical consumption and dramatically lowering our monthly utility bill.”

    –Linda Hull, CFO, K&K Recycling