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Project Inspiration: Solar Panel Installation

As A Chance to Grow expanded through the years, their lighting became outdated. In addition to pioneering maximum development of the whole child and adult, A Chance to Grow is committed to clean living and preserving the environment. Updating with LED lighting and pursuing solar aligned with their mission. After receiving other bids, Bob DeBoer spoke with the team at Cedar Creek Energy.

“Part of Bob’s organization involves addressing environmentally based challenges. It is incredibly satisfying to work with organizations like Bob’s. They appreciated our straightforward approach and we gave them a good solution. We are still regularly in touch and attend their annual golf outings and other charitable events.” –Rick Tisdale, Senior Engineer and Project Lead

Chance to Grow Switch to Solar Panels Systems

Our team at Cedar Creek did a detailed site evaluation and consult with the executive director Bob DeBoer of A Chance to Grow. We helped Bob understand clearly what the issues in the old building were and identified savings opportunities. Bob had an even clearer understanding of the savings, literally profit, the school could gain with the LED lighting upgrade that this Minnesota Solar installer was offering.

Since A Chance to Grow had received such encouraging financing results for their energy efficient LED lighting, they decided to reduce their carbon footprint even more with solar. We were again able to find the right solution for them.

The Final Result: Chance to Grow Solar Panel Installation by Cedar Creek Energy

With the help of senior engineer Rick Tisdale, we arranged financing through a program  at  the city of Minneapolis. As is common with our team, we also partnered with A Chance to Grow and helped them strategically write a grant to the city of Minneapolis to help offset costs.

The city of Minneapolis also agreed to finance the school’s energy improvements through the Property Assessed Clean Energy (MnPace) program. In addition to the solar benefits, A Chance to Grow saved close to $11,000 from the lighting updates; icing on the cake for Bob and his group.

“Rick is genuine and down to earth and looks for the best ways to get funding. His information is always accurate. We trust him completely and are really happy with our results.” – Bob DeBoer, CEO, A Chance to Grow

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