Rick Tisdale

Senior Project Engineer

“I have one basic philosophy that has served me well in my entire career, and that is to give my clients advice like they were my brother or sister. I want them to feel like I treated them like family.” -Rick Tisdale

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Meet Rick tisdale

Designing a solar array is fairly simple, says CCE’s senior project engineer Rick Tisdale – if you really know what you’re doing. The challenge, however, is to design commercial, industrial, nonprofit, or residential solar power systems in Minnesota that maximize the financial benefits for the client.  

With a degree in aeronautical engineering (earned on a full ride scholarship), an excellent sense of humor, and a creative streak that doesn’t quit, Rick is not quite your typical “nerdy” engineer. He is personable and able to crunch large amounts of data to develop innovative solutions for each individual client. Add to that a background in finance and you have a powerhouse who understands and anticipates proactively all the moving pieces necessary to create a sustainable solar energy system good for the bottom line of each client. A frequent speaker schools and universities on the subject of renewable energy, Rick enjoys opening the eyes of the next generation to the possibilities renewable energy has for their future.

The most surprising project Rick has worked on was the commercial solar installation project that was the very first to use the innovative financing tool called Property Assessed Clean Energy in Minneapolis. An open house was held once the project was completed, and both the mayor and a popular senator at the time came to promote the MnPace opportunities for other businesses and organizations.

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