Light emitting diode lights, widely known as LEDs, are emerging as an energy efficient, convenient alternative to traditional lighting. LED lighting is a great first step towards increasing your commercial property’s energy efficiency, which will save you money while allowing your company to have a positive environmental impact, while saving on electrical bills. If you’re interested in the benefits of LED, consider these illuminating facts.

Benefits of Commercial LED Light

Use Less Energy

LEDs are as bright as regular light bulbs – some are even brighter – while using far less energy. They are at least 75% more energy efficient when compared to other types of bulbs, which means that the majority of the energy used by commercial LED lighting goes towards lighting the space. By contrast, when using an incandescent bulb, less than 20% of the energy it uses is converted into light. The rest of that energy is creating heat which radiates from the bulb. Traditional light fixtures can cause your company’s air conditioning bill to be much higher than necessary!

Switching to LEDs can save you money on your cooling costs all summer long while you enjoy superior lighting. This energy efficiency also means that LED lighting provides an impressive ROI. In fact, you can save up to 90% on your monthly energy costs every month, which will quickly offset the costs of LED retrofit and installation.

Long Lifespan

Another benefit of LED bulbs is their long lifespan. This can range from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, so bulb replacement is only necessary about once every six to ten years. If you consider that regular fluorescent bulbs must be replaced after 1,000 to 30,000 hours, you can see that LEDs are a great way to save on labor costs. In addition, by replacing just one incandescent bulb with an LED, you can prevent fifty bulbs from ending up in a landfill. When it comes time to replace your LED bulbs, they don’t need to end up in a landfill either. Because they are free of the harmful chemicals found in other kinds of light bulbs, LEDs can be recycled. This is a huge bonus for any company hoping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Customizable Controls

The technology available to business owners who have installed LEDs is unmatched by any other lighting option on the market. LEDs can be easily dimmed and put on timers to further decrease your energy usage. Imagine how your company’s costs would plummet if your building’s lights were programmed to dim during non-peak hours or were motion activated instead of staying on all night long. When you have access to these features with LED bulbs, the cost-saving options are endless.

Additional Conveniences of LED Lighting

Fluorescent bulbs are not known for being the most reliable. They have an annoying flicker and produce harsh light that is difficult to work under. They also seem to burn out at the most inconvenient times. When you switch to LED lighting, you won’t have to worry about your bulbs malfunctioning or making it difficult to work. Even better, when LED lights need to be replaced, they will slowly become less bright instead of burning out completely. This can buy you some time to replace them at your convenience.

If all the benefits of LEDs have convinced you that they are right for your business, Cedar Creek Energy can help you take the next steps towards installation. An audit performed by CCE will show you all your options and benefits so you can chart your company’s path towards increased energy efficiency.

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