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Project Case Study
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Brin Glass Fridley:

  • System size: 780 kW

  • Annual production: 959.4 MWh

  • Estimated Savings:

    • Annual: $95,940

    • Monthly: $7,995

    • Lifetime: $3,357,900

Brin Glass Minneapolis:

  • System size: 130.13 kW
  • Annual production: 159.7 MWh
  • Estimated Savings:
    • Annual: $15,970
    • Monthly: $1,330
    • Lifetime: $558,950

Brin Glass Waite Park:

  • System size: 39.3 kW
  • Annual production: 50.71 MWh
  • Estimated Savings:
    • Annual: $5,071
    • Monthly: $422.58
    • Lifetime: $177,485

Project Inspiration: Solar Panel Installation

Brin glass company manufactures, fabricates, and installs glass windows and doors that are made with energy-efficient materials. Brin Glass is primarily in the construction industry and has five locations throughout Minnesota. Cedar Creek Energy worked with Brin Glass to install large solar arrays in their Minneapolis, Waite Park, and Fridley locations.

Brin Glass Company’s Switch to Solar Panels Systems

Cedar Creek Energy assessed the company’s energy needs and available roof space through an energy audit for all three locations. This information allowed solar designers and engineers to create plans for a custom solar energy array that would meet Brin Glass’s needs. Once a plan was in place for installation, Cedar Creek Energy worked closely with Brin Glass to achieve the best possible financing solutions: they secured PACE financing, a grant from the City of Minneapolis, 30% federal tax credit, and Xcel Energy’s Demand Credit program!


The Final Result: Brin Glass Company’s Solar Panel Installation by Cedar Creek Energy

The company started the solar process back in 2018. By updating to solar energy, Brin Glass will remain a leader in the glass and glazing industry, a reliable partner their customers want to work with, and a company their employees are proud to work for.

Brin Glass qualified for the Xcel Demand Credit Program. This means that they are compensated 6.9¢/kWH between the hours of 1 PM and 7 PM during all months of the year by producing energy when Xcel needs it the most. So far, Brin Glass has installed 1,950 solar panels in Fridley, 342 in
Minneapolis, and 102 in Waite Park. The expected return on investment and positive cash flow are less than five years for all three projects. 

Client Feedback

“Our company in collaboration with the building owner made a decision to invest in solar energy because it aligns with our core values and the industry we serve. We chose Cedar Creek based on their experience in navigating the entire solar project experience which includes; regulatory requirements, financing options, ROI analysis as well as consulting on best practices in dealing with the utility company. We just completed our third project with Cedar Creek Energy and couldn’t be more pleased to have partnered with them on our solar projects.”


– Bill Sullivan, President and CEO, Brin Glass Fridley

Brin Glass manufactures, fabricates, and installs glass windows and doors that are made with energy-efficient materials. Efficiency is very important to President Bill Sullivan, so solar energy’s cost-saving potential and environmental benefits resonated with him. There are also numerous state and federal tax credits and depreciation credits that made sense for the company from an economic standpoint; this ultimately led Brin Glass to move forward with solar energy system installations on three of the company’s five buildings.

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