Installing a residential solar system in your home is a great way to help the environment while hanging on to some of the cash you’ve been spending on your utilities every month. You’ll lower your carbon footprint and rely less on the power grid by using a sustainable energy system. With energy storage batteries, you can further increase your energy independence. Some homeowners with solar panels have even made their homes net-positive when it comes to energy – their home produces even more energy through sustainability than the home’s residents can use each day!

We can all take steps to decrease the power we need in our homes, but that can only take us so far. We need energy for even the most basic necessities, like heat, food storage, and sanitation needs. That’s where solar comes in: it’s a great choice for those who want to use clean, renewable energy. If you’re considering switching to a sustainable energy source like solar to help the environment, read on to learn more about the positive changes your home can have on the environment.

Environmental Benefits

When you install a solar energy system on your home or garage, you can move towards decreasing your use of non-renewable resources. What does this mean for the environment? Well, for starters, solar decreases greenhouse gas emissions. These harmful gases are produced when we burn fossil fuels, and one of the biggest contributors is power plants.

We can decrease harmful emissions by requiring less grid power for our home. Carbon dioxide, an emission that is harmful to the environment because it contributes to global warming, is greatly reduced each time a homeowner switches to solar. When you work with Cedar Creek Energy, an experienced solar panel installation company, we will project just how much your contribution towards carbon dioxide emissions will decrease when you switch over to solar power. In this case study Cedar Creek Energy completed on the Wheeler family, the data shows a decrease of over 25,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emission each year the family uses solar energy to power their home instead of LP gas!

Health Benefits of Solar

Solar energy is also good for our health. The pollutants and particulates produced by burning fossil fuels have been shown to have negative health impacts, especially on growing children. Asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues are common effects. The carcinogens in these pollutants can also increase the chance of cancer later in life for anyone who has been exposed to the pollutants. By creating a healthier planet through solar energy usage, we’re also creating a better environment for ourselves and future generations.

Taking Your Residential Solar Investment to the Next Level

Once you’ve gotten your solar panels installed, there are some additional, optional steps you can take to keep increasing the positive impact your home has on the environment. For example, some home solar panel users also use solar batteries to increase the amount of energy they can store after their system has produced it. These batteries provide on-demand electricity to charge devices, electric cars, and more.

There has also been a popular movement towards creating a net-zero or net-positive energy home. Homeowners who are interested in this movement utilize new energy technology, such as smart thermostats and LED lighting, in conjunction with mindful consumption. The impact is twofold: these homeowners increase the energy their home can produce without relying on grid power, and they also decrease their need to use that energy.
If you’re considering investing in a solar energy system to help the environment, Cedar Creek Energy can help you get started. We will identify your energy goals during a free solar audit and recommend the technology you’ll need to achieve those goals. Contact Cedar Creek Energy to learn more.

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