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Project Case Study
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Project Inspiration: Solar Panel Installation

The leadership team at Eich Mazda & Eich VW are seeing the auto industry shift toward electric cars, so they decided to join the trend and make the shift to renewable energy and sustainability by adding solar to their two St. Cloud locations. By making this switch, the folks at Eich Mazda and VW are making big strides as leaders of sustainability in the auto industry. Not only are they promoting renewable energy through their electric vehicle products, but they’re using renewable energy to fuel their own work – they’re walking the walk AND talking the talk!

Eich Mazda Switch to Solar Panels Systems

Cedar Creek Energy created a custom-designed roof-mounted solar array based on the available roof space of Eich Mazda and VW. Our team began by optimizing the incentives of the utility of the solar array versus the electrical consumption of the client.

  • The number of panels Installed:
    • Eich VW: 132 Jinko 400 watt
    • Eich Mazda- 222 Jinko 400 watt
  • System size Solar (kWh/year):
    • Eich VW: 64,550
    • Eich Mazda: 106,900

This project was completed in conjunction with Boser Construction who was the general contractor for the project.


The Final Result: Eich Mazda and VW Solar Panel Installation by Cedar Creek Energy

Eich Mazda and VW received a 30% federal tax credit; add that to their Xcel Energy rebate, and their system will be paid off in less than 5 years! Not only did they receive expert financing that cut their cost, but they made an investment they can be proud of.

The first system went live in November 2020, and will save 54,609 lbs in Co2 emissions at Eich VW, and 90,437 lbs in Co2 emissions at Eich Mazda per year. They’re doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and be true leaders of sustainability.

We are so excited to follow their journey in renewable energy!

Cedar Creek Energy