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Project Inspiration: Solar Panel Installation

NAU Country is the second ranking Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) provider in North America and protects more than 62 million acres of cropland for American farmers and agents (that’s almost the size of the entire state of Colorado!). NAU Country is part of QBE Insurance Group Limited (“QBE”), which is committed to creating a more resilient future and helping people achieve their goals with confidence.

Sustainability is a crucial part of QBE’s values and is integrated into every aspect of its business. By prioritizing sustainability and staying informed about environmental, social, and governance trends, QBE aims to better understand its customers’ needs and ensure the sustainability of its own operations in a rapidly changing world. It was this commitment to both their customers and the environment that drove their decision to switch to solar.

NAU’s Switch to Solar Panels Systems

QBE/NAU Country decided to make the switch to solar in 2021. After having carefully looked through proposals from several local and regional solar providers, they chose Cedar Creek Energy as their preferred solar energy supplier for their corporate office in Ramsey, MN.

 “We chose Cedar Creek Energy because of their thorough explanation of the installation process and their transparency from the start,” said QBE/NAU Country.

This site runs a print shop, data center, as well as hosts a fully staffed building of over 100 employees, all of which use a considerable amount of power. Cedar Creek Energy took a close look at both the electric meters and their energy loads and worked with QBE/NAU Country to understand their operations to have the greatest impact on their bill.

Before the solar installation, NAU had a new roof installed on their building. NAU Country worked closely with the roofing company to ensure that every single one of the 351 new solar panels was installed properly and expertly in full accordance with the roofing warranty. 

The Final Result: NAU’s Solar Panel Installation by Cedar Creek Energy

QBE/NAU Country is now the proud owner of a 143.9 DC kWh solar array, which is set to generate approximately 170,000 kWh annually, which will offset the entire facility’s energy usage by 18%. The solar array will also prevent over 265,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually!

“Cedar Creek successfully navigated through weather related events, supply chain issues, labor shortage due to unforeseen illnesses, and coordinating schedules with applicable contractors and utilities to complete installation – all of which went extremely smooth!” Said QBE/NAU Country.

QBE/NAU and Cedar Creek Energy are glad to be partners in sustainable business efforts! At Cedar Creek Energy, it is particularly special for us to work with QBE’s North America entity supporting a global sustainability goal – we are inspired and honored when the benefits of our solar projects extend beyond our state. We are proud to play a role in NAU Country’s mission to continue to serve American farmers.

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