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Project Inspiration

Room & Board’s Golden Valley solar system

Room & Board is an independent, privately held retailer of modern furniture and home decor recognized for its commitment to sustainable practices, integrating environmental responsibility into the core of its operations since 1980. Room & Board is proud to be a Certified B Corporation, solidifying their long-standing commitments to sustainability and the community.  As part of their ongoing sustainability efforts, the company has set an ambitious goal to power 100% of its operations with renewable electricity by 2030. With over 70% of their stores and warehouses already utilizing renewable electricity sources, Room & Board continues to lead by example in the furniture industry’s shift towards more sustainable operations.  

Room & Board’s Golden Valley location employs nearly 200 individuals and serves as the company headquarters, Minneapolis and national delivery center, and weekend outlet. Deciding to install a solar array at this location was a strategic and natural progression towards their renewable electricity goals. 



Our Solar Array Design

Cedar Creek Energy designed a large-scale rooftop solar installation, optimized to take full advantage of Room & Board’s expansive roof space at their Golden Valley, MN location. The project involved a collaborative planning process where both parties focused on creating a solution that aligned with Room & Board’s operational efficiencies and sustainability goals. 

 “Cedar Creek has gone and continues to go above and beyond to help us complete the project in the most efficient way possible.”  — Vance Olivier, Facilities Manager 

In addition to technical design, Cedar Creek Energy helped Room & Board secure the Xcel Energy PV Demand Credit, rewarding Room & Board’s electricity use reductions during peak energy demand. 


The Results

Room & Board’s Solar Panel Installation by Cedar Creek Energy

The collaboration between Room & Board and Cedar Creek Energy culminated in the installation of a substantial 1,059.84 DC kW rooftop solar array. The array produces over an estimated 1.3 million kWh annually and offsets 120% of their energy usage, meaning this facility is entirely powered by solar electricity!  

Such production not only furthers Room & Board’s sustainability initiatives but also significantly reduces its carbon footprint, cutting over 2 million pounds of CO2 emissions annually. To illustrate the impact of these CO2 reductions in more familiar terms: The average mature tree absorbs about 48 lbs. of CO2 per year. So, the amount of CO2 emissions avoided by Room & Board’s solar array is similar to what over 41,000 mature trees absorb annually. By reducing emissions through solar energy, Room & Board is effectively replicating the natural benefits of a small forest, helping to counteract the emissions associated with modern and retail operations. 

“Our goal is to be a sustainability leader that positively impacts society and the world. Our solar array project with Cedar Creek Energy is a significant step toward our long-term goal to become climate neutral in our operations.” Mick Aeshliman, Sustainability Manager 

This impactful installation not only advances Room & Board’s goal toward 100% renewable electricity by 2030, but also showcases the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. 

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