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Project Inspiration

Casa de Corazón is a Spanish immersion early learning program committed to providing socially responsible education to children in a healthy, compassionate, intercultural environment. This daycare center is committed to a ‘Healthy and Holistic Impact’ in everything they do.   

“Looking into solar this year was a natural progression in our efforts to have a healthy and holistic impact on our world,” said Kelly Undlin, Franchise Development and Support Specialist. “We have added compost, decreased single use waste, and used cloth diapers for decades, so solar panels made sense as our next effort.”  

Casa de Corazón was looking for a solar energy partner that was Minnesota owned and operated, so they reached out to Cedar Creek Energy to start a discussion about their new location in Rochester.  

Casa de Corazón’s Switch to Solar

The project developer at Cedar Creek Energy worked closely with Casa de Corazón to predict the energy usage for the new facility and determine what size array they would need based on their square footage & business activities.  

Cedar Creek Energy custom designed and installed a rooftop array that is estimated to offset nearly half of the facility’s energy use.  

“The installation process went very smoothly. The communication was clear, and the timelines were met. The installers were very professional, and we had no disruption to the flow of our daily routine.” said Undlin. 


The Final Result: Casa de Corazón Solar Panel Installation by Cedar Creek Energy

Casa de Corazón in Rochester is now the proud owner of a 44.28 DC kWh solar system. The array will produce an annual estimate of 51,000 kWh, offset their energy usage by 40%, and reduce their carbon emissions by nearly 80,000 lbs. annually!  

Casa De Corazon is enthusiastic about the positive effects that solar panels will bring to their center. They have noted that the visual appeal of the panels fit with their core value of environmentalism, and already plan to talk about the panels in their curriculum when educating the students about being earth friendly!  


Cedar Creek Energy