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Project Inspiration

Homeowner Susan Schnell decided to switch to solar to convert to a more sustainable energy source, and save money on her utility bills. Susan discovered she was paying a monthly average of $117 to her utility company, totaling $1,400 per year. After hearing great things from her son about his solar installation with CCE, she decided to give us a call.

    Our Approach & The Final Result

    Cedar Creek Energy worked with Susan to create a solar panel system that would work best for her house and budget. The installation process went smoothly, and produced outstanding results.

    Susan is extremely pleased with her solar array which has created a 124% kWh offset of her home’s electrical usage. Using our production/consumption calculator, from March through October,  Susan will enjoy a credit on her power bill for producing more energy than she will use. When considering her solar production throughout the entire year, Susan will end up with a net positive utility bill! She will also enjoy a tax credit of over $10,000 because she applied the 30% solar investment tax credit to her project. She has nothing but good things to say about the installation process and the results it has produced.  Susan said, “Quality work, quality people from top to bottom!!”

    Not only will Susan celebrate an annual net positive energy bill, she is also proud of the environmental benefits of her array, as one year of this home’s carbon offsets represents: 

    • Planting 140 seedling trees or 10 acres of forest 
    • 21,700 miles driven in a gas-powered car
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