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Lake Elmo, MN

Project Inspiration

Ashley and Justin Hennig made the leap to solar energy, and they couldn’t be happier about it. For them, it’s all about living more sustainably and reaping some practical rewards along the way. They had a bunch of reasons for making the switch – from wanting to do their bit to fight the climate crisis, to seeing solar as a smart investment that cuts down their energy bills. They were also pretty excited about getting a 30% tax rebate, loving how the panels look on their roof, and the bonus of boosting their home’s value.


When it came time to pick who would install their solar setup, Cedar Creek Energy ticked all the right boxes. Competitive prices? Check. The gear they wanted, like those top-notch REC panels and Enphase inverters? Check. Glowing reviews online? Another big check. Their project developer Kyle Poston was a star, answering all their questions and making everything crystal clear, which made their decision a no-brainer.

The Final Result: Hennig Family Solar Panel Installation by Cedar Creek Energy

Now, with the installation all wrapped up, Ashley and Justin are seeing their energy bills plummet and can’t stop admiring their sleek new solar setup. More than anything, they’re proud to be doing their part for the planet, knowing their family is stepping lightly with a smaller carbon footprint.

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