Abrahamson Family Dairy

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Lindstrom, MN

Project Inspiration

Abrahamson Family Dairy, a family-run farm establishment since 1929, has been passed down through generations of the Abrahamson family. The current owners, Alan and Sue Abrahamson, were motivated to explore solar because of the potential of their South-facing roofs. While getting bids for an array, another solar company recommended a ground mount system, but Alan wasn’t keen on taking up ground space for an array and preferred a rooftop solution. That’s where Cedar Creek Energy stepped in! – we worked with the Abrahamsons to provide a tailored rooftop solar solution. 

Our Process

Cedar Creek Energy worked with the Abrahamsons to design and install a 55.35 kW DC solar array across 3 rooftops at the farm site. One barn facing South, a shop facing West, and a garage facing South. Cedar Creek Energy recommended a grant writer to help secure the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant. Though the grant writing process did slow down the installation process and required the Abrahamsons to accommodate the grant’s timelines, it did cover half of the array’s cost. Additionally, the farm benefited from the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

By using the 3 rooftops to feed the farm’s main meter, the solar array is designed to power the farm’s office and milk production operations in the barn, including cooling the milk, running the milker and silo, and powering 20-horsepower compressors.  

The Final Result

The solar array at Abrahamson Family Dairy, which went live in January 2023, is projected to make the farm’s utility bill net positive by the end of the year. With an estimated annual production of over 62,000 kWh, the system is set to significantly offset the farm’s energy consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions. Alan has expressed satisfaction with the simplicity and efficiency of the solar installation, stating:

“The best thing about solar is that I don’t have to do anything – no adjustments, no add-ons; it’s all said and done, and it was easy.” 

By partnering with Cedar Creek Energy, Abrahamson Family Dairy has successfully incorporated renewable energy into its operations, cutting its costs and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency.  

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