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Project Case Study
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Lino Lakes, MN

Project Inspiration

All Seasons Rental, a family-owned business providing high-quality rental equipment and tools to the Lino Lakes, MN area, has always prided itself on exceptional service and community support. Seeking to enhance their sustainability efforts and reduce operational costs, they decided to transition to solar energy. They chose Cedar Creek Energy for our expertise, and our dedication to building a trustworthy relationship through transparency and solar education 

Our Approach

Cedar Creek Energy developed a custom solar solution tailored to the specific needs of All Seasons Rental. We installed a 39.6 kW DC solar array on the standing seam metal roof of their Lino Lakes location, which allowed us to avoid making any roof penetrations. The installation included snow guards over all entry and exit ways to prevent snow from sliding off the roof. A battery backup system was integrated to provide resilience during power outages, ensuring that their services remain operational under all circumstances. This solar array will power their computers, lights, outlets, showroom, and offices, and their battery addition will enable them to continue business operations even during power outages. All Seasons Rental also benefited from the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

The Final Result

The solar installation at All Seasons Rental has yielded substantial benefits. The system produces approximately 52,500 kWh of clean energy annually, offsetting the facility’s energy consumption by nearly 124%. This shift to solar power has led to considerable cost savings and a reduction of over 80,000 lbs. in annual carbon emissions. The solar array reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 80,861 lbs. per year, equivalent to the emissions from 4,100 gallons of gasoline. With these efficiencies, All Seasons Rental expects a return on investment (ROI) in just five years. By partnering with Cedar Creek Energy, All Seasons Rental has successfully integrated renewable energy into their operations, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and continued excellent service! 

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