Patrick Farnham

Project Manager

“Helping our clients achieve their solar energy dreams is what makes my work so satisfying. Knowing that we’ve helped to set them on a course toward energy independence and greatly reduce their impact on the planet is what I strive for every day. Solar energy is the future and I’m excited to be part of the movement to usher it in.” -Patrick Farnham

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Meet patrick farnham

Patrick Farnham has always known he wanted a career where he could help people and the environment. He’s found that in his role as a Senior Project Manager for Cedar Creek Energy. Patrick oversees both residential and commercial solar installations for the company. He specializes in  solar project management, utility interconnections, and solar rebate applications. Patrick views each solar installation as another opportunity to dig in to the details and see the project through from start to finish.

Patrick has experience working as an operations specialist, authorized integrator coordinator, and project coordinator for several green energy companies both in the Twin Cities and in Denver, Colorado. The various positions he has held in the solar industry afford Patrick a more developed perspective of the industry, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to learn about the newest solar technology. He appreciates the rapid technology growth in the solar industry and stays up to date with new solar options as they become available.

Prior to beginning his green career, Patrick studied environmental action and leadership at Loyola University. In his free time, he enjoys camping, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors, which offers a good reminder of what it is that he’s working to protect.

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