Collin Cayce

Sales Manager

“The size of a solar project does not determine its success. For me, success is the satisfied look on the customer’s face when they get to use their new solar energy system for the first time.” -Collin Cayce

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Meet collin cayce

Sales Manager Collin Cayce has learned through experience that clients who are considering a new solar energy system need an advisor, not a pushy salesman. Solar is a significant financial investment with a lot of factors to consider, making each solar array unique. Collin strives to make sure that his clients are informed about all solar rebates and financial incentives. He imagines his customers are close friends or family members and lets that guide him in providing the information they need to confidently make a decision.

Before entering the field of renewable energy, Collin received a bachelor’s degree in Packaging Engineering with a business and sales emphasis from the University of Wisconsin Stout. When he joined the Cedar Creek team, Collin’s sales background got him thinking about how to explain the complex solar industry to potential clients in a way that is informative and interesting. To this day, he continues to modify and improve upon the assistance he offers his clients. Collin’s passion for solar energy is fed by the joy he helps bring to clients through the implementation of a sustainable energy system for their home or business.

Collin enjoys staying up to date with new solar innovations and other news. He spends time learning more about the industry from webinars, industry-specific periodicals, and more. Once he’s all caught up on the latest solar developments, Collin enjoys taking walks with his family and pets, playing disc golf, exercising, and reading a good book.

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