In 2019, solar energy technology is more advanced and long-lasting than ever before. Many current solar panels come with a generous 25-year warranty, which highlights their durability and should inspire confidence in even the most rookie solar energy user.

Panels produced in the last several years aren’t delicate by any means, but, as with anything, they can still wear out or break in certain circumstances. On the bright side, there are several easy steps you can take to increase the life of your solar panels. At this point, you may be asking yourself, why should I care? Shouldn’t I just plan to install a new system when mine breaks down? Not if you want to reap the many rewards of keeping your solar energy system, even a warrantied one, in good shape.

One major benefit is avoiding the stress of a faulty system. You don’t want your home or business to have to go without solar power, whether you’re connected to the grid or not. Then there’s the issue of scheduling someone to come out and repair or replace your panels, which can be another headache if you choose the wrong company.

There’s also the possibility for you to save money on repairs and new parts. Even the best warranties don’t cover some accidents and issues, and if your system is installed, maintained, or used improperly, you’ll be on your own when it malfunctions. You can avoid this unnecessary cost by following a few simple guidelines, which I’ll cover below. Read on to learn how you can keep your panels in great shape for years to come.

Work with a qualified installer

This is arguably the most important step you can take if you want your solar panels to have a long lifespan. You can set yourself and your solar energy system up for success by hiring a qualified and reputable solar energy company Minnesota to install your system. This will ensure improper installation doesn’t cause any parts to wear or break prematurely and require repair – or, worse yet, cause the entire system to malfunction and be ruined.

When looking for a reputable solar energy company, you can review case studies of the work they’ve done in the past, read a little about the company’s philosophy, and even delve into the employees’ biographies to see what led them to the field of solar. Any solar company worth its weight will be passionate about both the environmental and economic benefits of solar.

Your solar energy system harnesses a lot of power, so don’t ever try to install or repair it yourself. You risk injuring yourself, and your safety is far more important than the condition of your solar panels.

Choose the correct equipment

Don’t assume you can use just any array of solar panels. Not all panels are created equal. In addition, there are certain factors, such as your climate, your roof size and position, and your energy goals, that will dictate how and where panels can be placed on your roof.

Your solar energy company will explore these factors and come up with an installation plan that works for your roof. Many only install certain brands of solar equipment due to their durability and efficiency; they can explain more about their choices if you’re curious. This is another perk of working with a knowledgeable energy company instead of attempting DIY solar panel installation!

Perform Appropriate Maintenance

Maintenance is just as important as the initial installation of your panels. If you’re a Minnesota residential solar panel installation customer, brush up on the regular maintenance you can expect to perform and prepare yourself before your panels are installed. While operating and maintenance agreements do exist, they are generally for commercial clients, and you should be able to easily maintain your home’s system on your own if you so choose.

Speaking of operating and maintenance agreements, entering into one is often the best option for larger commercial solar panel installation users. Companies can pay a regular fee for peace of mind, since these O & M agreements include both preventative maintenance and any necessary repairs.

Whether you’ll be performing maintenance on your own system or having a solar company keep up on it for you, it’s important for you to do some research on the recommended frequency of maintenance for your system to ensure a long lifespan for your solar panels.

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