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Did you know that Brooklyn Park is the sixth largest city in Minnesota?  That means many of you could be searching for the ideal solar energy company to install solar panels on your home or office building. Do you operate a business?  Do you live in Brooklyn Park? If so, you should know about Cedar Creek Energy, a highly-rated solar installation company for residents and business owners.

From Corn Fields to Solar Arrays

Since Brooklyn Park used to be comprised of potato fields (the reason for Tater Days!) and corn stalks, developers quickly realized that the area was ripe for development.  Most homes in Brooklyn Park are fortunate and have sunny locations, ideal for residential solar panel installation. Of course, there are many businesses that call Brooklyn Park home. Because of its sunny disposition, you should know that Cedar Creek Energy is a solar panel installation company in Minnesota.

If you are looking for commercial solar panel installationcontact Cedar Creek Energy today for a free bid. Or, you might be interested in residential solar installation in Brooklyn Park.  If so, find out if your home would qualify for not just solar panels, but solar energy financing and rebates.  

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Commercial Solar

You’ve already got the rooftop, the land, and the sunshine. Use what’s already there and take the next step toward energy efficiency. Rooftop and ground-mounted solar system costs have plunged by 70% since 2010.

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EPC Services

We design, install, and operate commercial solar PV arrays throughout the Midwest and have over 14 years of demonstrated experience with large, complex solar arrays. Learn more about our EPC Services online or by calling 763-334-6406.

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Residential Solar

Imagine a July electricity bill of $7.81. A solar system for your home in Minnesota can offer these types of savings. We are a Minnesota solar contractor specializing in helping homeowners significantly reduce energy costs

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Energy Storage

Combining solar panels with battery storage will allow you to save excess solar energy generated during the day, which is used, in-turn, to run your company or household at night or when the grid is down. Learn more about our energy storage services.

Brooklyn Park Solar System Installation for Your Home

Many homeowners are interested in the benefits of solar energy, but don’t know what the process would be for them to install solar panels in their Brooklyn Park home. This page provides just the answers you need on how the solar installation process works in Brooklyn Park.


  1. Schedule your Free Solar Installation Home Assessment – Our solar panel experts will meet with you, free of charge, to discuss whether your home would be a good candidate for solar energy.
  2. Residential Solar Audit – Cedar Creek Energy will visit your home and provide a free solar energy audit for your Brooklyn Park home.
  3. Design your Residential Solar Array – Our team of solar designers will develop a solar array for your Brooklyn Park home that will maximize sun exposure resulting in lower utility bills – in many cases a reduction of over 80%. Cedar Creek Energy is the premier solar panel installation company in Brooklyn Park.  As such, we can estimate with assurance, how much energy you will produce from the sun, and will handle connecting you to the electric grid serving your areas so you can sell extra energy produced back to the electric company
  4. Build your Residential Solar System in Brooklyn Park – At Cedar Creek Energy we pride ourselves on customer service. Your project manager is the quarterback of your solar project in Brooklyn Park, and will keep you informed day-by-day, and week-to-week on the status and next steps of your project.  Before you know it, you will be harnessing energy from the sun and producing more electricity than you might need to operate your home in Brooklyn Park.
  5. We Monitor your Solar Array – Did you know that if one of your solar panels is not producing at the level we expect, we will send a technician out to your home to replace the panel.  You may not even realize your solar panel is not producing at the level we expect. We will also install a solar production and consumption monitor so you can keep track of how your solar panels are performing.  You can also see how much energy you use in the summer. Depending on how cool you like your home, you have complete control of the energy you are consuming from your solar array in Brooklyn Park.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Brooklyn Park

If you own a company in Brooklyn Park, it’s time to look at the installation of solar panels for your business.  Did you know that within a few short years, your solar array will earn money for your business?

The solar installation for your Brooklyn Park business is the same as with the residential install.  In addition, Cedar Creek Energy can operate and maintain your solar system in Brooklyn Park. We want to help protect your investment and create a maximum return on the investment you made in your solar array in Brooklyn Park.

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Financing Options for Solar – Brooklyn Park

Cedar Creek Energy will work with you to find the best financing solution for your solar panel installation project. We work with many funding sources including having access to free offers and rebates from the federal government, as well as incentives for Minnesota businesses who make the choice to go solar.  If you are interested in commercial solar panel installation, we commit to finding every possible tax break and incentive available to you.