Environmental Faceoff: Oil vs. Solar

Using gasoline to power vehicles has been the popular choice in the United States since motor vehicles went mainstream. But have you ever stopped to think about whether there’s a more economically and environmentally friendly option? After all, every one of us pays for it when the cost of oil increases, and the environment suffers when we use it, too.

A new study by BNP Paribas has compared the future of oil vs solar powered vehicles, and it’s come to a clear conclusion: solar vehicles are our best bet. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to see exactly why using an electric vehicle is the better choice!

The Problem with Oil

Having access to efficient transportation makes all our lives easier, and we’ve come to expect a high level of convenience. Unfortunately, the convenience of gas-powered vehicles comes at a cost. Fluctuating oil prices affect both our economy and our daily lives. When goods are transported using gasoline-powered vehicles, those increased gas costs are passed on to us as consumers. We’re often paying more than necessary even when we use our own vehicles – our family road trips are far more expensive when gas is $3.00 or more per gallon. 

The procurement and use of oil also has a harsh and sometimes catastrophic impact on our environment. The exhaust fumes of gas-powered vehicles are one of the leading contributors to climate change. Large cargo trucks and other vehicles used in commerce pollute the air just by bringing us the foods and goods we all need to live and thrive in our communities.

According to the groundbreaking report by BNP Paribas which compares the cost of oil to sustainable energy options, “The economics of oil for gasoline and diesel vehicles versus wind- and solar-powered EVs are now in relentless and irreversible decline, with far-reaching implications for both policymakers and the oil majors.” We’re all losing money due to oil usage, and the time has come for our economy to rely more on sustainable energy. The good news is that we can all continue living in convenience and still save money by switching to solar-powered electric vehicles!

Using Solar-Powered Vehicles to Undo Oil’s Damage

If we want to see long-term economic growth while helping our planet, electric vehicles are the best option for all Americans. While electric vehicles (EVs) may have seemed impractical in the past, nothing could be farther from the truth in 2019. There are many different EV makes and models to choose from at every price point, so you’re sure to find one you like. It’s also getting much easier to find charging stations for electric vehicles. For example, Tesla has created its own nationwide network of chargers, so drivers always have somewhere to power up during longer road trips.

Electric vehicle charging stations powered by solar energy offer a one-two punch of sustainability. The charging stations pull free energy from the sun to power vehicles that don’t produce any dirty or unsafe emissions (unlike gas-powered cars). Electric vehicles are also much cheaper to run than a traditional car because you don’t have to fuel up to get around town. If you could totally eliminate your vehicle’s monthly gas expenses, how much money would you save yourself in a year? You may not be able to use the “I had to stop and get gas” excuse when you’re late to an event, but that’s about the only “con” I can see to driving an electric vehicle!

Are you ready to leave behind the archaic oil-focused approach we’ve all had towards powering our vehicles and our lives? Then it’s time for you to explore sustainable energy options! An electric vehicle offers a great ROI compared to a gas-guzzling car or truck, and you can decrease your carbon footprint by driving one.

Cedar Creek Energy can install solar energy in your home whether you’d like to use it to power a new electric vehicle charging station or just want to increase your home’s overall sustainability. Our team has partnered with Clipper Creek to offer electric vehicle charging station installations for the home and for commercial solar energy users

If you’re ready to contribute to a more prosperous economy while saving money on your daily commute, contact us to learn more about EV charging stations and solar-powered transportation options!

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