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  • Commercial, Remanufacturing of Crankshafts and Cylinders Heads

A couple of years ago, owner Jay Miller was looking to finance a new solar array for his business. Crankshaft Supply remanufactures and refurbishes automotive parts to save the time and expense of having to manufacture new parts. In essence, Jay’s company repurposes and recycles old parts so they can be reused.

Cedar Creek Energy did an audit using the amount of usable roof space, consumption profile, and opportunity using an Xcel Energy incentive reward. Partnering with Cedar Creek Energy as his solar energy provider, Jay Miller was able to finance his solar array using PACE financing through the St. Paul Port Authority. CCE worked with the City Council, Mayor and Crankshaft, bringing the first PACE-financed project to Minneapolis.

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The Crankshaft commercial solar system in Minnesota went live in January, 2014. The new 96 panel solar array covers half of their energy needs with an estimated $163,000 lifetime savings. Crankshaft has added savings from upgraded LED lighting in the building. Jay Miller is proud to be the first PACE-financed project in Minneapolis. Adding solar allowed Jim to stay true to his core values while making a sound business decision.

Jay Miller

“The PACE program was a nice fit for us. Trying to be green and make use of existing resources is core to the work we do. However, while it’s a wonderful idea to be green, green initiatives also have to make good sound business sense, which tax advantages and PACE make possible.”

-Jay Miller