Cedar Creek Energy Residential Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems can dramatically reduce home energy use and create a source of income for many homeowners.  If your roof, back yard or garage has a year-round sunny spot, it has the potential to generate electricity from a solar energy system.   Solar energy can be an affordable way to move toward energy independence.

There are significant incentives for solar energy systems.  You can claim up to 30% of the installed cost of a solar system through a federal tax credit.  The State of Minnesota exempts solar equipment from sales tax and exempts solar energy systems from increasing your property tax basis.  Xcel Energy and other MN utilities offer rebates to purchasers of qualifying solar systems as well.

Working With Cedar Creek Energy

With years of experience installing solar systems of all sizes, you can rely on Cedar Creek Energy to be your dependable, full-service renewable energy partner.  We can complete your entire project, managing all the details of the system, including the connection to your home electrical system and the utility’s grid, allowing you to sell your excess energy back to the utility.

At Cedar Creek, we are here to help you find the specific financial incentives associated with your location. Taking advantage of tax credits, rebates, and depreciation plays a vital role in the return on your investment.