Imagine waking up in the morning to a sunny forecast and knowing your solar energy system is already working hard to generate free energy for your home! This is the reality for many Minnesotans, and by working with an experienced solar energy company, you can make it an affordable reality for your family, too.

Solar is the ideal energy source for many homeowners. Residential solar energy is a clean energy option that is easy to obtain and will save you money in the long run. It is also more affordable than ever before to install solar panels on your home and reap the rewards. Primarily, solar is so affordable because it pulls energy from a free, renewable resource– the sun. This also makes it an environmentally conscious alternative to coal, natural gas, and other non-renewable resources.

Personalizing Your Affordable Solar Energy System

You may have been postponing switching your home over to solar power because you thought that it would be unaffordable. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, when you work with a professional solar energy company like Cedar Creek Energy, our solar energy professionals will work to ensure you end up with an effective and affordable solar energy system. We take into consideration several factors that affect your overall cost. First, our professionals will evaluate your home to determine your energy needs. We will review your monthly energy usage before determining the exact number of solar panels required to meet your family’s needs while keeping costs reasonable. Next, the team will look for rebates and tax incentive opportunities available to you. The goal is always to provide optimal payback with a generous rate of return on your investment. If you’re interested in storing surplus energy, our team will also give you more information about energy storage options and solar batteries– a great investment that will increase your savings overall.

Investing in Solar

You already have a monthly bill for the energy you use to power your home. Why not spend that money on financing a solar energy system that you can pay off over time? Instead of throwing away your money by paying your power company month after month, your monthly payment will be an investment in greater energy independence and home equity. In fact, many residential solar energy systems completely power the home in sunny, warm months and even create surplus energy that can be sold back to the power company.

A variety of financing rebates and plans may be available to you when installing solar. Each project is different, and there are many options available to you based on the size of your project. One program that considers the size of your solar project when determining your rebate is the Minnesota Power Solar Sense program. It is a rebate program for new residential solar installations. You will receive an upfront rebate based on the kilowatt production estimate of your new solar system. With this rebate, your highly efficient solar energy system will save you money upfront and you’ll continue to save monthly!

Join the Club and Switch to Affordable Residential Solar

Even if you don’t know anyone in your neighborhood who has switched to a solar energy system, don’t assume it’s out of reach for the average homeowner. There are households all over Minnesota that love their solar panels and the increased energy independence they provide! For a glimpse into what solar can do for the average Minnesota homeowner, consider a case study of one of Cedar Creek Energy’s clients, the Wheelers. They installed solar on their rural Minnesota home in 2016 and saw an 87% reduction in their yearly energy bill! These savings are attainable for any Minnesota homeowner who works with an experienced solar company when designing their system. Cedar Creek Energy can customize your solar array to ensure you see the same great results as your fellow Minnesotans who power their homes using solar.

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