As we celebrate Earth Day, we’re reminded of our shared responsibility to foster a healthier planet. At Cedar Creek Energy, we are proud to contribute to this global effort by providing innovative and sustainable solar energy solutions. This year, we’re highlighting a selection of our significant projects since last Earth Day that not only reflect our commitment to sustainability but also demonstrate the practical impacts of renewable energy across various sectors—from municipal buildings and manufacturing facilities to schools, retail stores, and private residences in Minnesota. Join us as we look back at these milestones, showcasing our journey towards a sustainable future!  

Highlights of Our Projects This Year

Superior, WI Fire Department

Cedar Creek Energy is honored to have led Superior, Wisconsin’s inaugural municipal solar initiative with a new installation at the Superior Fire Department – which was even visited by President Joe Biden earlier this year! This project represents a significant step towards sustainability for the city and sets a precedent for future municipal projects across the region. The installation will reduce carbon emissions from the station by over 267,000lbs/year and provide the station with 171,500 kWh/year, setting the department up for future growth with renewable energy. 

Nordic Ware

Building on our successful partnership, Cedar Creek Energy completed a second solar installation at the headquarters of Nordic Ware, proud American manufacturer of kitchenware including their patented Bundt pan. Their unique side-mounted array is not only decreasing their operational costs and lowering their carbon footprint, but it is a visually stunning piece addition to the building that can be seen by passersby from the bridge next to the building.  

Room & Board

We installed a massive 1,059 kW DC rooftop solar array at Room & Board’s weekend outlet in Golden Valley! The solar installation will not only supply a major part of the store’s energy needs with clean power but also serve as a statement to customers and other businesses about the viability and benefits of renewable energy in retail. Room & Board are leaders in retail sustainability, and we are proud to have partnered with them for this project. 

Other Sectors

We also partnered with various clients in other industries such as educational institutions like the Goddard School and Casa de Corazon; the financial sector with the State Bank of Faribault; manufacturing & distribution companies like Midwest Steel & Aluminum; commercial real estate companies like Property Hotdish; and multifamily housing properties like Rise Modular’s Glenwood Apartments. These projects reduce operational costs for these organizations and serve as practical, visible demonstrations of sustainable practices for students, tenants, and customers.  

Residential Impact

Last but never least, we continue to work with individual homeowners like the Hennig family and the Schnell family—and many, many, many more! This past year, we completed hundreds of residential solar installations, each contributing to a greener state and helping families achieve energy independence.  

Cedar Creek Energy’s Ongoing Commitment

As Earth Day prompts us to reflect on our environmental commitments, we at Cedar Creek Energy are proud to have played a role in advancing sustainable and renewable energy solutions. Throughout the past year, we have successfully partnered with a diverse range of clients to enhance their energy independence and contribute to a more sustainable future. Looking ahead, we remain excited to continue these partnerships, offering our expertise and services to customers seeking reliable and effective solar energy installations. We value the opportunity to be a trusted energy partner in our community, and we look forward to another year of meaningful projects.

Cedar Creek Energy