In our great state of Minnesota, solar is a fantastic option for energy savings and carbon reduction. But, making the switch to solar is a big decision. And the need-to-know’s tend to vary from state to state. Thankfully, your local Cedar Creek Energy company is an expert in everything you need to know to go solar in Minnesota.

The Importance of a Local Contractor

First things first. It’s crucial to source a local installer when installing solar for your home or business, regardless of which state you reside in. For those in the Midwest, local Minnesota solar power installers will have all the necessary background information on the rebates and utilities specific to your neighborhood, which will save you more in the long run. For example, in Minnesota alone there are 235 different utilities that make up the utility grid. An out-of-state contractor won’t be familiar with each of these utilities and likely won’t be able to offer the bonuses and rebates that follow them. Local solar installers, like our team at Cedar Creek Energy, know which utilities offer what benefits, plus we’ll even complete all the paperwork and submit it for you. Another benefit of choosing a local solar power installer? Trust. This core value of trust often leads to referrals from families and friends. The same local level of trust won’t correlate to a non-referral out-of-state company. Plus we’re Minnesotans, so you know our interactions will be honest, pleasant and friendly.

Minnesota Winters, Solar Panels and Efficiency

One of the most common questions we receive by folks considering going solar is, “Does solar even work in the winter with all the snow?” Great question. Yes, yes it does.

Minnesota’s winter months take up a majority of the year, but thankfully solar works great in the winter weather. Although there are fewer hours of sun in the winter, the sun’s effect is often amplified on sunny days because the reflection of the snow generates more sunlight. As a solar panel owner in Minnesota, it is important to be aware of snow or ice build-up, which tends to be the biggest concern during winter months. Solar panels are strong enough to withhold the extra weight of snow or ice, and are waterproof. In most cases the snow or ice will just melt off, causing no issues; however, if you’re worried about a collective buildup, snow removal is an option for Cedar Creek Energy customers with our Operating and Maintenance Agreement. 

In terms of weather, Minnesota is the perfect state to invest in solar power energy. The summer months provide a buildup of energy and the winter months produce a steady stream of electricity.

A Solar-Friendly State

Minnesota is known for being a solar-friendly state and it continues to develop solar-friendly incentives, policies, and programs, from the state level to local cities. On the federal level, legislation was recently extended, offering the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit until 2023, providing a massive incentive for folks wanting to begin the switch to solar. On the state level, there are a plethora of programs for solar owners. The largest utility company in Minnesota is Xcel Energy, which offers solar programs for homes and businesses. As for local cities, many have energy incentives for their neighborhoods. A local solar installer will help you maximize every incentive available to you.

Minneapolis is a prime example of Minnesota being a solar-friendly state. Businesses in the area help commercial buildings go green. The funding is available through the Green Business Cost Share Program, and provides an incentive of $0.25 per estimated annual kWh production for the 1st year of production, up to $75,000. Depending on your neighborhood, there could be even more money-saving options for your wallet.

The Takeaway

Regardless of your neighborhood, business, project size, or weather worries, solar power systems are a great way to cut costs, conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint, all in Minnesota! If you’re looking for a trustworthy Minnesota solar energy company, contact our team at Cedar Creek Energy today for your free energy bid. We look forward to working with you.

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