Choosing the right solar company can seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be. Here are a few reasons why you should source a local solar company (and why that local company should be Cedar Creek Energy).

Local Rebates and Utilities

Local solar companies will have more knowledge on the rebates and utilities specific to your neighborhood, saving you more in the long run.

Utilities: In Minnesota alone, there are 235 different utilities that make up the utility grid. Our team at Cedar Creek Energy knows which utilities offer what bonuses and rebates, and we will complete all the paperwork and submit it for you.

Lesser Known Grants: We know where to find the grants and funding for projects of all types and sizes. Sometimes grant-awarding agencies have grants for just your type of business or project. There are little known grants that we alert our clients to that are often in their county or city but not advertised. We pride ourselves on finding the best savings options for your unique project.

Programs: We’ll tell you if there are any commercial/residential solar energy system financing programs on the city, county, state, and federal level available, even if the programs are not advertised or listed seemingly anywhere.

No Outsourcing

When you choose to work with Cedar Creek Energy, like many local companies, we don’t outsource. If you choose an out-of-state solar company, the chances are higher that they will outsource their contractors to cut down on their transportation costs.

At Cedar Creek Energy, we ensure that the quality remains consistently high with our in-house team of experts. You will know who you are working with every step of the way with us. We are available to you and will involve you in our design, build, installation, and monitoring of your system at the level you wish. That means if your goals are an end-to-end turnkey commercial solar energy system and you just need to know when the work’s getting done, on budget and on time, that’s what we’ll do. Or, if you want more of a day-to-day partnership, we’re all-in. Or maybe you are a large firm that doesn’t have expertise or staff in an area of engineering, procurement, or construction, and want a company that can seamlessly integrate into your overall plans. That would be us. Or maybe you need your brand-new 3-million-dollar solar array monitored, serviced, and maintained. That would be us, too. Whatever your needs, we are here.

Local Trust

Our customers trust us because we have a strong commitment to our clients and we treat our clients like we, ourselves, would like to be treated. Because of that core value, many refer us to their family and friends. Referrals offer a new level of trust that won’t correlate to a non-referral out-of-state company.

Plus, we’re Minnesotans, so you know our interactions will be honest, pleasant, and friendly. Minnesotans helping Minnesotans—it’s what we do.

Contact Us

If you’re considering switching to solar, contact us today for your free solar bid. We’ll discuss the best practices, which system is right for your home or business, how to finance your solar project and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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