Choosing the right solar energy company can seem daunting. There are a number of solar energy installers in Minnesota, and they all conduct business differently. Some Minnesota solar energy companies advertise all over town hoping they’ll entice customers. Others rely on their past experience and satisfied clients to draw in new business. Here’s how to see past the ads and analyze whether a Minnesota solar energy installer is efficient, trustworthy, and the best fit for your project.

Years of Experience and Number of Completed Installations

Experience counts. Your solar energy company should be made up of a team of experienced professionals with many solar installations under their belts. A team with diverse professional backgrounds is also a great advantage. The project managers, engineers, and executive management can work together using their combined experience to create the best system for your home or business.

With over a decade of experience in the solar energy industry, Cedar Creek Energy understands that in many cases going solar is a once in a lifetime investment. We’ve completed over 500 solar projects, both residential and commercial. Our team has refined the whole process – from design to installation – to produce consistently high-quality solar systems.

We also offer our clients energy efficient lighting retrofitting, solar battery installations, and electric vehicle charging stations. Whatever you need, we’re ready to help.

Solar Company Reviews from Past Clients

In the digital age, you can learn a lot about a company based on what its past clients have to say. Check out the reviews on the company’s website, but don’t stop there. For a more balanced perspective you can also view the company’s reviews on Google and Angie’s List. You’re more likely to read about the good, the bad, and the ugly when a company can’t curate the featured reviews. If a company has poor reviews overall, it’s usually a good indicator that they aren’t the best company to work with.

As you review past clients’ experiences with a solar company, don’t just consider the level of customer service they received. Many clients will provide an update on the money they’ve saved or the energy their system produces, too. Learning about how effectively these systems function is as important as the company’s customer service.

Flexibility and Variety of Technology

The proper installation of your solar array is crucial, but so is the technology used. Before you commit to working with a solar energy system installer, be sure they offer a variety of technologies that will help you get the most out of your solar project. If you’d like to add a solar battery to your system, make sure the company you work with is a certified installer. Battery storage will allow you to run your home with the solar energy harnessed from the sun, and for the battery to seamlessly keep your home heated or cooled throughout the night.

Cedar Creek Energy is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer.  We also have relationships with other battery storage companies and will always recommend the system we think will work best for your needs.

Does your solar company offer different types of solar arrays and flexible financing? You want some flexibility based on your needs. Some companies only offer roof-mounted systems, but you might want a ground-mount. Others will push you toward a certain type of financing when there’s a better alternative. Switching to solar should be an easy and painless process, so work with a flexible solar company that won’t make things difficult!

Ready to Make the Switch to Solar?

Cedar Creek Energy isn’t letting the pandemic slow our solar projects down. Our team is happy to put your safety first. We’re available to discuss your project via phone, email, or video chat. We’re proud to have had many happy customers over the years; here’s more on some of our past projects.

If you’re ready to switch to solar energy and would like more information about Cedar Creek Energy’s philosophy or process, contact us and we’ll get right back to you. We can also be reached at (763) 432-5261.

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