The most common solar energy myths, debunked by yours truly, Cedar Creek Energy. Don’t let rumors stop you from achieving the green energy home or business of your dreams!

Myth #1: Solar Energy is Too Expensive

The myth that solar energy is too expensive is long outdated. One of the greatest benefits of solar is that it practically pays for itself. Going solar reduces your monthly energy bills by up to 90%.

Solar systems cost money up front, but save you money in the long run. Plus, there are many rebates and utilities to help offset that up-front cost. At Cedar Creek Energy, every time we design a solar system, we are creating it to give optimal payback and ROI which is why we stay current on all federal and state rebates, utility incentive programs and green energy financing solutions. We want to optimize your savings and do so through our expert financing and rebates. From tax credits to rewards programs, we’ve got you covered.

Myth #2: My Individual Contribution of Switching to Solar Won’t Make a Difference

In reality, your individual solar array can make quite the impact! Going solar drastically reduces your carbon footprint. The average U.S. household produces 7.5 tons of CO2 equivalents per year. Our arrays provide 100% clean energy to help eliminate these toxic emissions and save valuable natural resources. Take the Wheelers for example—they save 25,062 lbs of CO2 emissions per year. That’s the equivalent of 295 trees grown for ten years!

If you’re considering solar for your business, your carbon footprint will be reduced even more so. Aveda Corporation, a cosmetics company dedicated to sustainability, made the switch to solar and save 1,269,000 lbs in CO2 emissions per year. Replacing fossil fuels with green energy solutions like solar increases the water, air and overall health of the environment.

Myth #3: Solar Panels Won’t Work in the Winter Because of Snow

Minnesota winters can put a stop to most things: driving, get-togethers, school, the list goes on. But, solar panels? Nope.

Although solar production does decrease in the winter, the main cause is lack of sunshine, not the snow. The sun’s effect is in fact amplified on sunny winter days because the reflection of the snow generates even more light.

Myth #4: Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

If you source a local, trustworthy solar company, like our team at Cedar Creek Energy, your roof will not be damaged. Residential and commercial solar panel installers are trained to safely install the panels without damaging customers’ roofs.

Many folks think solar requires holes to be put in the roof, leading to leaks and getting rained on, when in reality the process is minimally invasive and totally safe for your roof. You won’t start getting rained on inside your house just because you’ve had solar panels installed!

Most roofs can successfully hold solar panels, but if yours is not a good fit for solar, we will tell you. There are other options that we will happily discuss with you, including ground-mounted panels or LED-lighting.

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